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Business is an important part of people’s daily lives, in fact there are people whose purpose is to profit from many and undertake.

There are many companies or businesses and it’s not an easy job to keep it up, it has quite a few requirements that must be met. In many companies, small businesses and startups, the lack of communication affects negatively, not only for managers but for the entire work team, even with the smallest position. It is something that usually happens constantly and must be avoided at all costs.

To avoid that, there are certain programs that facilitate communication between employees and their managers to ensure order on the command line.

What is Slack?

Slack is a perfect application for people who consider that communication is the key to entrepreneurship, order and responsibility go hand in hand to grow. It is a communication tool for the entire work team, with an instant messaging system, divided into channels, with software tools and services to make communication between users more effective.

What makes this application very striking is that it is easy to use, works with a very good security system and they are available in different plans: Free, Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid.

what is a slack channel

As we already know, Slack is an application that works as a simple communication tool for a company. Slack has channels in which the workspace is divided into different sections, facilitating the way of sharing documents, files, messages and all kinds of tools among all participants.

That is, when sending a message for one channel all participants they will receive the message automatically. In addition, it can be formed by the owners of the space, administrators and anyone else you want to invite. You can link accounts, and you have to learn how to manage your connected accounts in Slack.

What are the benefits of using Slack in my company?

Slack consists of a messaging application that is generally used in companies, It is connected to quickly and efficiently to people with the information they need at the time, bringing users together on a platform in order to work as a team. Among the advantages of working with this application, we can mention:

Access to video calls or voice calls, This streamlines work in many ways, since if you need information about certain processes in the company, you are only one click away from communicating with your colleagues or supervisor, you also have the option to share screens, activate task notifications on your computer or mobile.

Easy access to information If you are logged in, but need to take a break from work, don’t worry that when you come back you will find all the information you need, as all your conversations will be stored.

It’s entertaining, this application also has other functions such as social network, in it you can share Gif, links to featured images and even share content from other platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

What is the monthly cost of Slack tiers?

Slack is an application that you can use for free enjoying a limited list of benefits, in this version you will only have access to 10,000 recent messages from your device, only 10 integrations with other apps and simple voice or video calls. But there are also paid versions with much more to offer, depending on the monthly payment you cancel.

Slack Pro that has a monthly cost of 6.67 USD per month, It has all the benefits of the free version in addition to entering the complete message history in your work team, you will have immediate access to information and other actions, since it has unlimited integrations, you can also make video calls or voice calls with up to 15 people .

There is also the Business + Plan with a cost of 12.50 USD per month, where you enjoy all the benefits of the Pro version, as well as access to advanced identity management, directory synchronization, export of messages, technical assistance all year round with a response time of no more than four hours.laptop using slack

Where can I do the registration process?

If you want to join this platform to start working comfortably with your company, the first thing you should do is go to the official Slack page and enter your email, preferably the one you already use in your work, confirm and wait for the verification code to arrive in your email.

When the code arrives you must write it down and enter it into Slack to confirm that it is you. In the next window under the statement ‘accept an invitation’ you will click ‘join’After this, you must choose the workspace you would like to join, create an account with your email address and that’s it. You can join different workspaces as you like with the same email account, but Slack will have a separate account for each one.

How many people can I have on my team?

At the moment in this application you can add up to 1000 people to your team, but it has the disadvantage that it can only make calls or video calls with 15 people. Users often complain about this aspect, as there are applications that allow conferences of up to 250 people.

On what devices can this application be used?

Slack, like most applications for messaging of this style, is already available in different operating systems, this in order to attract more users and facilitate work communications to as many people as possible, no matter what type of device have. Slack is available for:


This platform is available for your desktop computer, as long as you have a version of Windows 8 or higher than it. To download Slack just you must enter the official page from your computer and select which version you want to install between the free and the paid ones.


You can too download this application on your device with iOS operating system from the App store, as long as it has a version of iOS 12.2 or later.


As for Android devices, you can find the Slack app on the Play Store and download it easily, you should bear in mind that as a requirement the application requires a version of Android 6.0 or later than this.

slack benefits and features

List of very useful commands and their function

Slack in order to speed up your work, has created commands that you can type quickly on the keyboard and with which you can fulfill different functions, among the most used are:


This command sends a notification to all the people who are on the same channel as you, whether they are online or not.


You can use this command both to invite any user to a channel or just to mention it.

@ here

This command is used as a wake-up call for people who belong to your channel and who are connected at that precise moment, that is, it will not notify those who are offline.

To open

In case you want to open certain options of your preference, there is the keyboard command (Ctrl +,).


The / collapse command works as its name implies, to collapse the images and videos found in the channel.

How to use the channels?

In the app there are two communication channels These join the group automatically when creating the account, the first is #general and the second is #varios. The #general group cannot be shared with other organizations or deleted. del #varios can be removed if desired or can be replaced by another channel.

Slack has many tools to facilitate communication between users, that’s why there are different ways to configure channels.

Some are shared, where different companies can access the same channel, this idea helps both a lot, since you can share useful information. It should be noted that if you want this benefit, you have to hire a paid subscription. Public, where any user can join content that was previously published. as long as that user belongs to the same workspace.

Then there are the private ones. In this section, only members who have an invitation from the owners or administrators can join, it is a little more limited. Multi-space channels, it is possible that the channels are inside any other workspace and not just inside one. You have to know how to handle this tool, as it can create fickleness within the company.

team of work people

What can i do in Slack? What rules do the channels have?

Each channel It should have a description and a topic. Also, you have to adhere to the naming guidelines on all channels in a workspace. This works with the application, as you can keep your conversations organized within the channel using the message threads. To enter Slack, you have to log in.

In addition to all the functions mentioned above, Slack also has: Rename channels, delete a channel, share PDF formats, documents and spreadsheets. It has a search box, where you can find (messages, notifications, files …) You can also edit, delete and modify files and messages.

Too you can access emojis in the text box. Use the command “remind” followed by the username or channel and the time you want the delivery to take place. You can shape your messages (bold, italic, strikethrough,> blockquote on one line, >>> blockquote on multiple lines. Lists: press Shift + Enter and add numbers or periods to the beginning.

Customize notifications, change the template (colors) of your Slack, customize your group icon, modify permissions and much more.

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