How the Free Market Shopping Cart Works Can I Buy Several Things at the Same Time?

Mercado Libre increasingly offers its users greater comfort when making transactions on its website. Well, in this platform, clients, in addition to having the possibility to rate their sellers, can now also add several products to the same purchase.

However, not only customers benefit when using the shopping cart in Mercado Libre. Well, those who sell on the platform now have the possibility of reduce shipping costs and increase the sale of your products.

In this way, so that you learn to buy several things at the same time and take advantage of all the benefits that you can obtain from this new service, we will show you how the shopping cart works Free Market.

What is the Mercado Libre shopping cart?

Mercado Libre offers its users various features that establish it as one of the largest internet marketplaces and one of the safest web stores. Since it was created it has not updated its functions too much and sales or purchase methodologies.

However, recently the shopping cart function. This service offers an advance not only for the buyer experience, but for sellers to improve their rankings and the profits they can receive.

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In this way, Mercado Libre seeks to add an improvement to its multi-product sales services. Well, now it is not only possible to track a product in Mercado Libre, but buy several products at the same time, and therefore, also the possibility of grouping several products to the same shipment.

In addition, this is a simple way in which Mercado Libre customers can achieve the service of increasing the average ticket and the longed for free shipping.

You should consider that the possibility of accessing this option as a seller depends on if you accept both payment methods of which Mercado Libre has.

How the shopping cart works in Mercado Libre

The shopping cart is one of the most recent news that Mercado Libre has included in its functions for those who want to buy or sell in Mercado Libre.

To use the shopping cart in Mercado Libre you just have to select the option “Add to Cart” within the pages of the products you have decided to buy. In this way, it is easier for those who want to buy in Mercado Libre, since when ordering multiple products makes the transaction easier.

In this way, if you are a buyer, you can add products to the shopping cart and indicate their quantities. In addition, later you can also cancel several products that you no longer want from the cart and pay a one-time cost, which includes everything you have requested for the shipment.

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On the other hand, if you are a seller, the shopping cart works for you, saving time and shipping costs for your products. Likewise, now you can send multiple products in the same package, so registering that the shipment reached its destination will be easier.

Can I buy several things at the same time in the Mercado Libre shopping cart?

The main reason why Mercado Libre included this function in its transactions is so that customers can buy multiple products at the same time. In this way, the shopping experience will be simpler and more complete for Mercado Libre users.

However, you must bear in mind that you cannot use the cart to add several products from different sellers. That is, it is only possible for you to use the Mercado Libre shopping cart to buy products from the same seller.

Well, this happens because the function of the cart is to simplify the transaction adding the costs of each product and showing you the overall value of all of them. Hence, you can only use the Mercado Libre cart on products offered by the same seller.

In addition, by using the shopping cart you can simplify the delivery process of the products you have purchased. Well, some products that you have bought they could go in the same packaging, which also makes it possible for you to qualify the seller more efficiently.

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