How the Instagram algorithm works (GUIDE FOR 2021)

How does the Instagram algorithm work? The winning question for anyone who wants to increase their popularity on this social network. This algorithm decides what content is viewed on the platform and its priority. Users post and the algorithm chooses what is seen first At the top of the «Newsfeed» news feed, what content goes on the Explore tab «Explore» and in what order the «Stories, Live Videos, Reels and IGTV Videos» appear.

The job of the algorithm is to display content that interests the most, that gives people what they want, that is interesting and has hook. It also seeks that each person see and be interested in new trends that expand their preference. Each user can find that this algorithm benefits him by following several strategies. But to talk about strategies, we must first analyze how the Instagram algorithm works.

How the Instagram algorithm orders content

The Instagram algorithm has 4 ways to classify the contents, which are:

  • Relations: The algorithm takes into account the relationship of the content you publish with other users. Every time you post a content and another account sees it, Instagram makes a study of variables like this: if that account has already seen other previous content of yours, if you follow each other, if they looked for you by name, if you send messages or comments, if that post was tagged or saved. If there is loyalty, you are relating and there is real exchange between accounts, the algorithm takes it very seriously.
  • Moment: Instagram will always assume that your most recent post is the most important to you. If you publish at the time that other accounts that follow you are within the platform too, and they open your content, this adds a lot to the benefit of the algorithm. It is very important to know the times when your followers and everyone you want to reach are connected at the time you post, this has weight and helps you.
  • Attractive and interesting: The content you post should pique the interest of other people. As long as your content is of quality, contribute something new, be fun; anyway, that has a load of information that makes it interesting and attractive, you are scoring points in the Instagram algorithm.
  • Use Instagram: One of the things that the algorithm rewards is your interaction with others, viewing Stories, viewing publications, etc. You cannot pretend to position yourself on Instagram without using the app, although below we leave you a trick to do it automatically.

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The Instagram algorithm: guide for 2021

Seeing the above, you already have good advice, We want to give you this guide so that, combined with how the algorithm works of Instagram, you can improve the visualization and popularity of your account:

Explore and use new formats on Instagram

Instagram has different types of content. The «Reels», who came out to compete with TikTok, They are a relatively new proposal and using them can help you get more traffic and better positioning.

This is not guaranteed, in reality with the algorithms nothing is guaranteed, but we know that this is how the Instagram algorithm works, and testing new platform features is no big deal, you don’t lose anything by doing it. The more Instagram formats you use and the better you do it, the more opportunities you will have to be an influential profile and awarded by the algorithms.

How to use hashtags on Instagram correctly

Hashtags are the oldest way to classify content, but they are still effective. People use these tags to add prominence to their content, seeking to make it fall in a popular ranking and therefore go viral. But this is not the correct use.

The label must be selected so that this classification is as accurate as possibleThat your content really belongs to that classification and that adds interest to it, not that the label is to seek popularity. So, a good study of popular «hashtags» and where your content really ranks is necessary and very useful for you to look good to the Instagram algorithm and increase your popularity effectively.

instagram algorithm

Use Instagram statistics

The accounts of companies or creators on Instagram generate statistics that help you detect and measure trends: when your audience is active, which hashtags work best, and which posts are generating real interest, among other factors. The use of statistics can clear the way for the platform to benefit you in the selection. For personal accounts, there are websites that provide you with the statistics service, some for free. But if you want to grow on Instagram, it is best to use a creator or company profile since it will give you many tools to grow.

Publish and do not neglect your obligations

Instagram takes into account the frequency of your publications. The more you post, the more likely they will see your content. Of course, you have to combine this with the other suggestions we are making.. You don’t do anything by frequently posting things that no one cares about, at times when no one comes in and putting inappropriate labels, for example.

Your content must be interesting, attract attention, be published when there are enough people and that hashtags serve as a tool to locate quality content. If you follow these recommendations and you add a bit of creativity, without making it look like you’re playing games or trying to manipulate the platform system (nothing recommended), the better it will go in this social network.

If you want grow automatically on Instagram, there are tools like Ploxia that are in charge of interacting with Instagram on a daily basis and allows you to gain thousands of «real» quality followers every year. The attached video explains a little more about this reliable bot and that it usually doesn’t have any problem with bans. You can see how it works and how it is configured. We have tried it and it works really well.



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