How to Access and Connect to an FTP Server From Windows Quick and Easy

Today we are going to see how to access and connect to an FTP server from Windows quite simply. We will see how to do it without downloading absolutely nothing and another tutorial downloading one of the best FTP clients of the moment, which is free.

It is quite common to use FTP servers more than anything to create websites, among other things. The idea is to transfer files between computers. So we can send files to it or download them to ours.

This is something quite common when we hire a hosting to create a website. We must connect by FTP to the server in question, to be able to upload all the files we want.

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In today’s article, we are going to take a detailed look at two methods for you to connect to any kind of FTP server. The first of them from Windows without using any kind of program.

While the second will be making use of FileZilla, a free open source FTP client that is quite popular for many years and offers quite interesting features.

Any of these methods can be used to exchange files from FTP servers. Obviously you will have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you or perhaps both. The idea is that you try and you can draw your own conclusions.

How to connect to an FTP server in Windows

The first method that we are going to see will be without third-party programs. We are going to use the same options that Windows provides us.

  • For this we will have to open any Windows file explorer window.
  • Then we will have to right click with the mouse on «My team«Or»My PC”In the left sidebar.
  • Now what we must do is choose the option «Add a network location”.
  • We press on “Next«And we must choose the only option that appears»Choose a custom network location”.
  • Then we will have to enter the FTP address of the server we want to connect to.
  • To finish, add the Username and password.
  • Then we will have to indicate a name for the location of the network in question and that’s it.

In this way we can access the FTP server from the same file explorer, something that is quite comfortable in many situations.

How to connect to an FTP server from FileZilla

In case you want to do it with an FTP client, the most popular and free is the FileZilla server. It is open source and cross-platform. It is used to quickly send and download files from FTP servers.

We can perform the same tasks as from the file explorer as we discussed earlier. We should also add that FileZilla is compatible with encryption, SFTP and FTPS in order to improve the security level.

upload data computers

  • Using the program is quite simple. You are going to have to download it first.
  • After installing and running it, we will find a split screen. On the left side we have the files from our computer and on the right side we will see those from the server.
  • In the lower part we can see all the files that are going to be uploaded and in the upper part the connections to the FTP server.
  • If we click on the icon below «File» We can add the data of the FTP server to be able to connect. It’s quite easy and it asks for your address, username and password.

In addition to accessing and connecting to an FTP server from Windows you can open an FTP server and connect Android to shared folders on a network with Samba and FTP

from Windows Explorer.

Remember that, if you have more questions about how to access and connect to an FTP server from Windows, you can leave them in the comments section which you will find at the bottom of the page and as soon as we can, we will be happy to help you solve any problem you may have at connect to an FTP server.

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