How to Activate All Processor Cores in Windows 10 Easily

Technological advancement has allowed processors with 2, 4, 8 and up to 16 cores to be created, which allows greater data processing. But many times we don’t have the entire core active and we don’t even know how to do it. This is why in the following article we are going to show you how to activate all processor cores in Windows 10 easily.

Multiple processors cores, allow the speed of work to be increased so that its performance improves significantly.

This power When it comes to processing data, it is required when heavy programs or games are used. But the fact that you have x number of cores does not mean that they are all working or active.

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It is true that the Windows operating system will run all the cores by default, but it is common for the application you use to establish which cores to use.

And if a program disables a kernel, Windows may don’t re-enable it. Then it is possible that this generates possible performance losses on your computer and you do not suspect it.

How to Activate All Processor Cores in Windows 10 Easily

It also happens that many people have a personal computer and do not know what processor they have, much less how many cores it has. And it is important information that every user should know, such as its characteristics, power and capacity.

This kernel disabling was very common in operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8, but it was due to various circumstances.

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For example help other apps old data to work correctly. Also to optimize power consumption, but unfortunately problems can arise when enabling these cores is not possible.

In this article we are going to talk about how to activate all processor cores in Windows 10 easily. Something that in this version, should be active by default, this as long as there is a correct BIOS / UEFI configuration. Below we will indicate the steps you must follow for this easy task.

Steps to activate all processor cores in Windows 10 easily

The first step that we are going to carry out is to use the keyboard shortcuts, so that the Run box appears and for this we are going to press the key Windows + R. in this box we will write the following command MSCONFIG, then click on the Enter option. This action will generate a window where we can make configurations in the system.

Here we must be very careful, since here we modify important aspects of the operation of our PC, such as the startup time or those programs or services that must be loaded when the system starts. This window has different tabs and we must put the cursor on the Startup tab and click to enter its settings.

The next step is to click on the option Processors to activate it and we are going to choose the number of cores and we are going to select the maximum number of cores that the option allows us.

We are done, the next thing we will do is click on the option Accept from open windows and then we must restart our computer, so that the changes made are applied.

Now, we will verify that each action we perform with the computer will be performed faster and more efficiently. There is also another option that we can do, to configure manually the affinity of the processor. In this way we can use one or more cores with certain programs.

To do this we must do the following, on the keyboard we are going to press the keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc, with this combination of keys we are going to open the Task Manager.

In this window we will find several tabs and we will choose Details, now we are going to choose the Program, We will select it with the cursor and we will right click and select the Establish affinity option.

processor activate

Now the next step is to choose the number of cores you want, for this you must check the respective boxes. And this is it, you see how easy it is to make important adjustments and configurations, to increase the performance of our computer. And if complications have you learned how to activate all processor cores in Windows 10 easily.

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