How to Activate and Customize Notifications on My Android Lock Screen

Receive notifications from applications on your mobile, it’s something essential and important for any user, and that way we can be aware of messages and calls. In accordance with this, mobile companies and developers have increasingly found it necessary to improve the operation of notifications on Android.

For this reason, in the development of this article we will explain in detail how you can make the most of of these options and even customize them on your mobile. Even if you are tired or stressed from work and consider that the mobile is distracting you, you can silence notifications and here we will explain how.

How can you turn on notifications on the lock screen?

To activate notifications on your mobile, the steps you must follow are simple and fast, and we will explain them carefully so that you can do so. The first thing is, go to the «Settings«On the phone and select the option»Notifications”, Where you can see all the functions that are available.

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In the case of Android Samsung and its operating system, the option of notifications on the lock screen appears at the end of all options. You can find it in a box at the end with the topic Are you looking for something else ?; Of course, this will depend on each model and phone system you have.

Once there, you can activate the notifications that you can see from your lock screen, and select the style of the view Or if you want hide content of notifications. By following these simple steps, you will start to automatically receive these notifications; but, you can also customize them.

For example, among these options is to prevent applications from sending you notifications such as the Data saving waves Suspended applications.

In Data Saver, the applications will not use data in the background; and in the Suspended Applications, there will be no notifications or application updates. Also, the option to activate notifications on the lock screen, you can find it in another function within Settings, and it is in the «Lock screen”.

lock screen notifications

What other customizations can you make to the notifications?

In these cases, the options you have are many, then, they range from blocking notifications, silencing them or choosing which application can send you notifications. For example, something that you can customize is the sound that each application emits or every contact you have to call or write you by WhatsApp or message.

Similarly, you can activate an option in which your mobile alerts you without having the screen on that you have a message or a missed call. This function is known as Smart alert and it is activated by selecting the option «Sounds and vibration«, and at the end select that option to be able to activate it.

On the other hand, you can also configure and block all the notifications you receive from all the applications that you have installed on your mobile. For that, you must go to «Settings”And select the option Applications, where all the ones you have installed appear.

Once there, select the application you want to configure, and among all the settings is that of «Notifications”, Where you can allow them or never show them. On the other hand, another way to modify notifications is from the mobile notification bar with just a few taps on the screen.

For that, when you receive a notification that appears in the top bar, touch the screen for a couple of seconds and you will see how 2 options appear: Alert and Silent. With those two options there, you just have to select the one you want, in this case, Silent and then save the changes and it automatically disappears from the bar.

mobile notification

These are some of the functions that Android offers to block or activate notifications from the lock screen of your mobile. However, as quite a timely option For these configurations, it is the «Do not disturb» mode that these devices have and activating it is simple.

This can be done from the top bar, if you have this function included in the buttons, you just have to touch it and it will automatically activate until you want to deactivate it. If you are going to activate it from Settings, you must select Sounds and vibration and click on “Do not bother”And you can also activate according to a program.

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