How to Activate and Put the Star Wars Theme in Messenger Easily

Star Wars is a film by Science fiction which has nine films in total and its creation began in 1977 and the latest version was released in 2019. It is also known mostly as «star Wars«which has a large number of fans.

For this reason Facebook Messenger wanted to take this opportunity to honor the film. And in this way to please its users with a special background or theme which also has several attractions. It is also important to note that for this to be possible a working meeting was held by Disney and Facebook, as explained by «Mark Zuckerberg» himself in a statement.

Similarly if you want to know this new galaxy available in Messenger It only remains for you to know the steps that we will explain below for what you can activate it.

Discover how to easily activate the Star Wars theme in Messenger

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Next we will explain how to activate the Star Wars theme in Messenger so initially you must go to Play Store and check if the application is updated. After reviewing you can enter Messenger and open a conversation.

Play store messenger Facebook

Then you can click on the icon or profile of the person with whom you are going to talk and a new window will open where you can view the option of «topics». Together, depending on the update, you can click on the icon of the «i» that you will see next to the video call icon. Likewise, this selection will open the window where the themes option will be found.

So you just have to select the theme and when the window opens «customize your chat» you will see the Star Wars symbol. Then you have to select it and you will automatically notice that the topic of the conversation has changed.

The background changes completely as it transforms into a black background with stars, so if you are a Star Wars fan you can enjoy it.

It should be noted that the application of this theme is used for personalization in each of the conversations. So if you want to have all the conversations in a personalized way, you only have to select each of the Messenger conversations and apply the same steps. In this way you are updating the theme of each one of them.

Enjoy the Star Wars theme for Facebook Messenger

Icon screen facebook, messenger

Also if you wish you can verify the stickers that it contains from Star Wars so you must give click on the compose a message panel and then select the stickers. In that section you will be able to notice the diversity of stickers that are available to you if you are a Star Wars fan or if you want to try new adventures.

You just have to enjoy the new galaxy chat that Messenger has available to you, this update also offers new attractions with Star Wars characters in emojis. In turn, this update has an incredible version, since if you turn on the camera you will be able to notice the filters it contains, which are three based on the same movies.

This galaxy adventure also allows you to take a photo with these effects, you can even upload a story to Facebook or if you want you can make a video call. This way the other person will be able to observe the subject that you are enjoying.

It is important to highlight that Facebook launched this new creation in honor of the Star Wars movies especially the latest release. For this reason, Messenger users and movie fans will be able to enjoy the new theme that includes various attractions.

It should also be noted that this launch is due to the working union that Disney held with Facebook to achieve impact and please the millions of users who are fans of various attractions such as the movie and the app.

Finally, it is important to mention that Facebook each time tries to create functions according to the trends of the moment. As well as improving each of its tools, with the aim of providing a service optimized to users. This is why more and more people are joining this social network.

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