How to Activate and Recover my WhatsApp Number without the SIM, chip or without Code Is it possible?

Many people wonder, What is WhatsApp? This is a messaging application that occupies an indispensable place in our smartphones and that despite its changes and updates its users continue to prefer it over others, however, like any application, it has its details.

Applications such as instagram, Facebook or even snapchat have their registration and login mechanics, the creation of a «user» and a «password» and among its requirements that we have an email giving us the possibility of creating accounts only with the use of said email, however this is not the case of whatsapp.

What its own creators expose In its official help center, in theory WhatsApp was created with the idea of ​​being a reliable and secure messaging tool for its users, which is why one of the essential requirements for registration and use is the entry of a phone number OWN, in fact this is part of the conditions of service, which we accept when downloading the application.

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How is WhatsApp installed and activated?

Remember that once the app is downloaded, when «registering» we go through a verification process which is essential, where we must enter our respective phone number, then whatsapp proceeds to send a six-digit code to verify that the person really owns said number, this following the philosophy of maintaining the security and privacy of the user.

This code of six digits is only sent under two modalitiesEither by sms or call, that is to say that at all times when carrying out this process our phone must have an active sim card and the mobile network must be available to receive either text messages or phone calls.

In conclusion, according to the conditions of service, in order to access the application we need a own phone number, and so far these numbers are attached to the sim card or chip, without neglecting that the process of sending the code mentioned above is essential, since this is like «the key» or «the key» to activate the respective account .

How to activate and recover my WhatsApp number?

If we browse through the official WhatsApp help center we will find solutions to specific and common problemsFor example, in case of theft or loss of the phone and consequently loss of the chip or sim card, they propose a series of steps that you can follow if this is your case.

The first step is to lock your sim card, then decide whether to request a new sim card with the same phone number with your mobile service provider, if applicable, activate this new card and enter it on your cell phone, follow the steps and thus recover your account and all the information you lost ( this in case you have their respective support).

On the other hand they also propose to write an email to support stating the case, this will enable them to deactivate your account and thus protect your privacy, the email is as follows: [email protected] and the subject should be “Lost / Stolen Phone: Please deactivate my account”.

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Other possible solutions

As previously stated, according to the official WhatsApp help center, the recovery and activation of the account without having a sim card, chip or skipping the telephone verification step is impossible, however maybe surfing the net we find some tricks that promise to fix this problem.

In fact on our page you can find some articles that explain in detail what the solution to this problem could be, one of these proposals is to use a virtual number which is provided by an application called «text-plus» You just have to follow a few steps and that is how easy you can use WhatsApp without the need for a chip or sim card.

This possible solution solves the problem of the chip or sim card but the code would still remain, however there is a proposal that invites activate the two-step verification by entering a six-digit code that of course, you should not forget, however this option must be activated as a preventive measure if in the future you do not want problems with the telephone number.

Everything is a matter of putting the aforementioned into practice, following the steps in detail and doing the test, you may be able to solve your problem. If you continue to have problems, feel free to check the WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site.

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