How to Activate and Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge in Simple Steps

The internet is an incredible tool for society, this allows us to carry out actions of all kinds just by being connected through a device that is compatible with the internet, from communicating through social networks with anyone on the planet, conducting our studies through education platforms and even working on the internet and generating money.

All this is possible thanks to tools such as computers, smartphones and the internet, these have allowed us to evolve and these tools have also evolved with us.

Since about 20 years ago they joined us approximately they have not stopped modernizing, Bringing us today both applications and web browser services, including Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is a browser patented by Microsoft Windows, this is the successor to the great Internet Explorer, Since before Edge, this was the browser that every Windows system had, it was the default, however, Microsoft wanted to put itself in the browser market and gave Internet Explorer a 180 ° turn, giving us a new version known as Microsoft Edge.

microsoft edge browser presentation

This browser was released with the new Windows system called Windows 10, for its users the creation of the new browser was good, since it has a very user-friendly interface and with new functions, among them we can find functions from using Cortana with the browser to enabling the high-performance GPU in Microsoft Edge.

Since having the functions named above as well as having the standard functions that every browser has its incognito mode, screen capture tools, an integrated administrator to save your passwords and even a secret menu, among all these stands out one in particular which is the vertical tabs that this browser has, then we will explain how they are activated.

Learn how to configure vertical tabs.

These last options that Microsoft Edge has implemented in its platform are very functional and very helpful, because you have better access to all the tabs that you open in the browser, configure them in a very simple and easy procedure, just go to the setting browser. To then select the section “appearance” we check that the button vertical tabs is activated, followed by this go to the main tab of Edge and in the upper left corner press the alternative “Activate side tabs” There you will be able to see all the tabs that you have open, you can also anchor it by clicking on the anchor panel button.

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How to hide and show the sidebar in Edge

Since you know how set up and activate the side tabs of Microsoft Edge It is time for you to know how to hide and show the sidebar of this browser, for this you must click on the rectangular button that is in the upper left, after this a column will appear with all the icons of the websites or pages that you have opened briefly, to be able to visualize the title of each page, enter and close it will only be enough to move the cursor over the icon; to hide the sidebar you just have to press the rectangular icon again.

microsoft edge tab

Move vertical tabs step by step

These new vertical tabs Edge can only be changed to be horizontal, this is a very simple procedure, you just have to follow the steps that we will give you below:

  • Open your Edge browser.
  • Press the button “Tab actions menu” which is in the upper left.
  • In the small menu that will open, press the alternative “Disable vertical tabs.”

And voila, it will automatically change its place, and it will have gone from being vertical to horizontal.

Disable vertical tabs It is a very simple and simple procedure to do, you just have to access the Edge browser settings, and being there you must press the button that is in the upper left, right next to “Setting” click on the alternative appearance, followed by this you will have to scroll down, you will find several controls, you just have to look for the alternative “Side tabs” and click on deactivate.

How to activate vertical tabs in Microsoft Edge?

This is a very interesting function of the Microsoft Edge browser, with any browser if you open many tabs, it is difficult to know how they are located, since the more tabs are open, the smaller they become, with Microsoft Edge we have a function and that is that we can make these tabs be vertically and do not oversaturate that area of ​​the browser, allowing you to see everything better, you can activate them like this:

  • Within our Microsoft Edge browser we will go to Option menu and we will enter the Settings section.
  • Once in the Settings, among all the options we will see a call Appearance, we will go in there.
  • In Appearance we will see all the options that we can do in the browser, such as changing its design, style and others, among these we will see the function of the vertical tabs button, We will activate it and that’s it.
  • In a case that this option does not appear available to you, it is because then you have outdated browser, what we will do is update Microsoft Edge to its latest version and return to this configuration section.

And so in this way you can activate the vertical tabs of Microsoft Edge, this will be located on the left side of our browser, these tabs will be seen from top to bottom and we can see the full name of each of them, in addition this bar also gives us the option to hide the bar to maintain the comfort and aesthetic aspect of it while performing certain functions, so you can lock it:

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microsoft edge browser interface

How to use the vertical tab bar in Microsoft Edge?

  • Once the vertical tab bar is activated, in the upper left from our browser we will see something new, it is a square icon, if we press it we will see that the vertical tab bar will display.
  • In the form of icons We will see the pages that we have open in Microsoft Edge.
  • If we click on each of these, we can view the page, their title or even if we make a sustained click we can move them from place in the vertical tab bar.
  • And just like the horizontal tab bar that we used to have, we can also anchor the pages that we usually look for, this to save time, above we will have an icon similar to a pushpin, in which we can anchor, also if we want to hide the tab bar, By clicking the square icon again, we will hide it.

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