How to Activate and use Xbox Live Gold on Xbox 360 / One step by step

Video games have become an important part of many people’s daily lives, just because of how much you can enjoy playing a video game. In fact, there may be a videogame for each person, since there are for all types and tastes in such a way that a person feels comfortable playing one. In fact, there are people who prefer to play on a Gamer PC than on a console.

If a person feels like playing a game Sports game, you can play titles like Madden, FIFA, PES, Gran Turismo and more. And, if you feel like playing something more fanciful, you can play Age of Mythology, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy or Fable; having a wide library to choose from.

But how all these games are played is where its true appeal lies, since although many may say that it all depends on the console or the place where it is played, what really matters is whether you can play it alone or with other people. .

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The fact of being able to play in a video game accompanied by other people, or where there is a competitive space not only makes you better at it, but also makes you enjoy it more. But, today, in order to play a video game online You must not only have internet, but also a membership within the platform where it is played.

Of course, there are exceptions, as with PC games where the online gaming component is not an add-on, but an intrinsic part of the game.

But, on consoles like the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, you have to pay to be able to play online, through a membership to a service called Xbox Live Gold, which brings lots of great benefits to the user who pays for it.

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Activating Xbox Live Gold on Xbox 360

Xbox 360’s online service, called Xbox Live, has long been totally free, but saying that can be a bit misleading.

Actually, if you want to play with your friends, other people, download new content, listen through gaming headphones, speak into the microphone and much more, you have to pay for the service of Xbox Live Gold, which also applies to the Xbox One.

In order to pay for Xbox Live Gold and start enjoying all the service that comes with it, you must log in in your account through your Gamertag on your Xbox 360. Once in the main menu, you must go to the menu that says «my xbox«, Where you will find an option that says «Manage account» so get in there.

In the new screen, you will have to search, select and enter the option of «Memberships», where you can find an option that talks about the status of your membership of your Xbox Live Gold. Here, you must activate the membership through a payment method, either through a secret code card or with another specific payment method of your choice.

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Activated Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One

Activate subscription Xbox Live Gold within Xbox One it’s just as easy as with your Xbox 360 subscription, as long as you’re connected to the internet, and you have two ways to do it. The first is to enter the official Xbox page, and in the option above that says «Game Pass» click to display the menu and then go to “Xbox Live Gold”.

In the new screen, you must click on «Join now», and when you are in the new tab, you will see a button to join Xbox Live Gold through two possible memberships, so click on either one and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you want to do it on a console, you can go directly to the Home of the console, and you must navigate to the Xbox One Store, here you can see a message to join Xbox Live Gold, so select it and follow the onscreen instructions along with a payment method.

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