How to Activate Battery Reserve on your Android – Step by step guide

If you want to know how to activate the battery reserve on your Android device, you must follow these simple steps, always keeping in mind that you should not resort to this, unless you have no other option and it is a case of extreme emergency.

This activation could have negative effects on your device, of course if you give it excessive and irresponsible use, it will always be better to put the device to shit when it notifies you.

Do all cell phones have a power reserve?

Most likely this is one of the questions that come to your mind, well, we will be honest with you, most devices have this alternative.

What is the code * 3370 # for?

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To begin with the activation, we will indicate a specific code that you must dial, in this case we refer to the code * 3370 #. All mobile devices have functions that we cannot access from the Settings section, and battery reserve is one of them. In this sense, this code will help us to access and perform the battery backup option.

How can I activate the power reserve of my phone

Surely the next question you ask yourself is if your specific mobile has that option, so we take the opportunity to invite you to follow the activation process with us step by step on these devices and thus verify if it works for you.

On Samsung

  • The moment your Android device shuts down because its battery runs out, turn it back on immediately.
  • Enter the phone app, just as if you were going to make a phone call.
  • Type the code * 3370 #, this code is vital for activation.
  • Now, to send the code, press the call button on your device.
  • After this, you will see an extra charge on your Android device that you probably had no idea was there.
  • On some devices you will have to reboot for the activation of the extra battery to take effect, especially in Samsung terminals, you must apply the reset for the trick to take effect.

phone transfer energy load

If nothing happens possibly your device don’t count on this hidden feature for your battery, which would not be strange at all and will not be a reason to change your device, or that you think that it is an outdated device.

On iPhone

For Apple users, it is important to know that the option for power reserve is included in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR devices onwards. The difference with Apple is that this system will activate automatically once you run out of battery, promising you an additional 5 hours. Not bad, right?

What other secret codes are there for Android devices?

It is very useful to have the knowledge that there are more codes that you can use depending on your needs. On this occasion, in addition to naming you some of the best known, we will tell you when you can use them.
Codes oriented to test operation:

  • If you need to format your data to reset your device to factory settings, a known code is * 2767 * 3855 #.
  • If you are presenting failures with your touch screen, dialing the code * # * # 2664 # * # * will allow you to test the hardware.
  • To perform a proximity sensor test use the code * # * # 0588 # * # *.
  • There is also the code * # 62 # that will help you verify if your mobile is out of service.

Codes that give you information about your device:

If you buy a device, new or used, you can find out what state the battery is in, by using the code * # * # 4636 # * # * you will have access to its statistics.

  • To find out what the RAM version is, use the code * # * # 3264 # * # *.
  • Bluetooth related codes:
  • To carry out tests, dial the code * # * # 232331 # * # *.
  • If you want to know the Bluetooth address of your phone, dial the code * # * # 232337 # * #.

The » Hoax » of the code * 3370 #

Every month a new number of false information, which on occasions like this, cannot harm anyone and in other cases may compromise your security and personal information or data.

This ‘hoax’ or false rumor that is running and spreading more and more among users, it is not even new, it is one of those rumors that return periodically, taking advantage of the curiosity of different Android users, it has found a way to endure.

The way to spread this false information against users is, of course, through the web, social networks, especially WhatsApp, different users will have fallen under the offer of 50% more extra battery.

Is it possible to have 50% more battery?

Of course, by entering a secret code on your device, as if it were a cheat for Android devices, it is totally falseWhen entering this code in the phone app on our mobile device, absolutely nothing happens.

«Did you run out of cell phone battery? All cell phones have a reserve charge in their batteries that when dialing * 3370 # automatically activates, giving you up to 50% additional charge.»

This is the rare message scattered on social networks and even on WhatsApp, where it is promoted that, by using the code * 3370 # we will be able to obtain additional battery, luckily nothing happens after entering the code.

phone battery charge percentage

On other occasions could result in irreversible damage to our mobile equipment, if we are not careful with the instructions we follow about apps, instructions that come to us through the web, etc.

By applying logic we can identify several of these hoaxes, for example, having 50% more battery only when entering a code on the device’s keyboard, it’s crazy if you want to consider it to be true, especially since we are talking about the part of mobile devices that has evolved the least in recent years.

The safest thing is that having this function manufacturers would not leave this as a hidden feature (just like their hidden games did) and it would have a factory activated, that is, it would have the function activated by default.

Can I save my battery?

The best thing you can do is learn how to have a conscious use of our batteryThis way you will see a saving in the daily battery consumption on your device, this without enough information can be complicated.

Apps are increasingly consuming more battery, more RAM, that is, they are increasingly demanding for devices, saving battery is of vital importance, battery saving mode both on PC and saving battery on Android devices has been positioned as a primary function between electronic equipment.

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