How to Activate, Know and Check the Balance of my P-EBT Card Online in Spanish

P-EBT(Pandemic Electrinic Benefits), is a program created by the federal government of the United States, which focuses on helping families with children, who cannot attend classes; because of Covid-19; that by not being able to attend school; they do not have the free lunches that it offers. It should be noted that this program is similar to that of food stamps.

This card provides the money, so that families can buy, the necessary food for your children; providing great help to families who have financial problems. Some of the people who obtain the program do not know the way to activate the card, or to check its balance; here we will talk about it.

How to obtain the benefit of the P-EBT card?

This benefit can be received by families with children under 18 years old, and that they belong, to the schools that offered free lunches, but that due to the pandemic, could not continue to be distributed. If a student is over 18 years of age, they will only be eligible for it if they are enrolled in those schools.

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To receive it, you should not request anything; Since the information is provided by the Department of Public Instruction, upon registering for the free lunch program, your card will be sent directly to your home.

These will be delivered, by the direction, who owns the school record; If you no longer live in the same place, you will have to report your situation. The daily amount of this benefit will be $ 5.70 and in total they will receive $ 370.50.

person counts their money activate pebt card online

You should know that what you do not use is transferred month to month and must be used within 365 days. These benefits can be used at any grocery store or supermarkets that accept food stamps.

How to activate the P-EBT Card online

In order to activate it you must have a personal identification number, also have an email, since you can get the necessary information, through it. Likewise, requests can be made on the page:, to do so you can create a direct access to the page from your desktop and in this way, you will have more information about the card.

You can also do it, downloading the mobile application of ebtEDGE, you can download from the Play Store or you can call the number, which indicates the page.

When choosing the site from where you want to activate, you must give the following information: Child’s date of birth, reduced price at home and create PIN; If there are several children in the household, you will have to enter the date of birth of each child and this will activate your card.

To activate the card P-EBT VirginiaYou must: Call «18662812448», then enter the card number, date of birth (must be the oldest student who receives free lunch) and create your Pin (4 numbers that you remember). Likewise, to activate the Florida P-EBT card, you will only have to call the EBT customer service center, indicate your zip code and the expiration date, named on the card.

How to check the status of your P-EBT card?

The first thing you should do is: «Create a user account»To do so you must enter your browser, and go to the EBT website, you must click on the option «Create account», once there you must enter your personal information, such as: Your social security number and date of birth

Next, enter a username and password, you can change this password later if you wish; but your username should stay the sameTherefore, try to enter data that you can remember.

person on his cell phone processes pbet card

When you have your account, you must do the following: Enter the main page of ebtEDGE, press the option that says «Card holder», here you write the card number and press «Login», write your PIN and select the option «Continue», follow the simple instructions and ready you can check the status of your card.

Another possible way, which you can use to check your balance, is: Reading the last food purchase receipt you make. Just remember, it is really important to have your PIN and users at hand, since it is the information, which they will ask you several times.

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