How to Activate my Mercado Libre Gift Card and How Can I Get Discount Coupons

In recent years, shopping and sales platforms have become totally useful, since network users see an easier way to carry out these activities, which is why multiple pages have been created with the same purposes, however since the year 1999 MercadoLibre is one of the most used and preferred by the public,

Due to the simple utility system and with a wide variety of settings within the menu, we can delight us with a large number of articles, from electrical equipment, appliances, clothing, shoes and many more.

Of course at the best prices in the country, also for this reason people choose this medium, since if we talk about the prices of the same equipment available in stores it is much more expensive when obtaining them.

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Within the platform we find a search engine, where we can enter the ones we want or are looking for, immediately immense amounts of options will appear To choose, according to our tastes, likewise when using it to buy or sell for the first time it is really easy for us.

Where to buy MercadoLibre gift cards?

Another way to buy the different products or services offered by the MercadoLibre company are the Gift Cards or gift cards. They can be bought in different stores and establishments such as 7Eleven, GO mart, Circle K, Soriana, Gamers and a wide variety of shops.

It should be noted that there are currently 2 versions of the MercadoLibre Gift Card which are the 300 Mexican pesos and 600 Mexican pesos.

How to redeem a MercadoLibre gift card

MercadoLibre is characterized as one of the best online stores, and the best of all is that the product arrives at your door, many times users cannot make purchases due to lack of debit or credit cards, that is why MercadoLibre gift cards exist.

man making purchase from his laptop

It should be noted that the users who obtain these cards they must keep their purchase receiptThis, in case of any unwanted circumstance, basically what we must do is, locate ourselves at the back of the card, then scratch the area of ​​the code and then be able to apply it.

We enter the MercadoLibre page, they will ask us to log in to the site or create an account if we do not have it with our data, and then we have to enter the code already obtained so that the purchase balance can be applied to our gift card.

How to get discount coupons in MercadoLibre

For people the idea of ​​spending less is very important, for this reason there are in all online shopping and sales platforms, in this case MercadoLibre, the so-called » discount coupons », they are extremely used by the public to obtain the items desired within the page.

Getting them is very simple and fast, one of the ways to get a coupon is, enter the app » buy from home ‘‘and choose our product.

Then, we click on » buy » to select our shipment in this way, then we select the option of » enter discount coupon », and finally enter the code » VISAMELI10 » we click on » continue » and select the payment method. As you can see, this is a fairly straightforward process.

How to obtain discounts in MercadoPago?

An easy way to get great promotional discounts on MercadoPago and for free it is visiting different pages or applications on the internet. This is because, in recent years, coupon pages have grown exponentially, therefore it is easier to get large discount percentages with the aforementioned coupons.

How to enter a MercadoPago coupon?

As with MercadoLibre, it is very easy to enter MercadoPago coupons. For this, you just have to log in to our MercadoPago account, then we look for where it says «Enter your coupon.»

The page will redirect us directly to another window where we can see a space that indicates where we have to enter the coupon code. Then we enter the code and if everything is fine, a window will pop up confirming the validity of your code.

If, on the other hand, the code is not valid, a window will open showing the different reasons why your code could not be validated.

Some advantages and disadvantages of using MercadoLibre

This company has two modes of course online, basically, buying, selling and auctions, having a great advantage compared to the other online platforms of the mass branch, since its central offices are located in Latin American countries.

woman buying online

Among its advantages we have, is that it is totally free to publish a classified on the page, in the same way another great highlighting feature is that the articles in some way are positioned in Google, thus giving greater ease, since if a user writes something in the search engine, you can thus enter MercadoLibre directly, to see if you are interested in any offered product.

It offers us the option to edit our product or classified with a wide variety of formats, including images, lyrics, and even YouTube videos. For better quality, there is a seller rating system, to be able to know which sellers are the best qualified when it comes to selling articles to people.

As it also has its disadvantages, for example, if we want to make a publication that is positioned within the first searches for the keyword, we must pay a specific amount of money. In the same way, it is necessary to enter your data to be able to be registered when contacting the seller.

The negative of this is that we are connecting with unknown people, therefore we must be careful when we go to make a purchaseas it is possible that the product is damaged or simply does not meet our purchase expectations.

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