How to Activate or Deactivate Google Play Store on my Android Cellphone?

If you already have a smartphone that works with the Android operating system, you should know its virtual store, better known as the Google Play Store. Through it we can make the acquisition, free or paid, of different useful tools for your mobile. In this article we are going to show you how simple it can be for you activate or deactivate Google Play Store on my Android cell phone.

This store offers you a wide catalog of applications that will allow you to purchase a wide variety of applications, tools and games.

If at the moment you do not know how to activate this App or you have a problem. Or on the contrary you want to deactivate it, in the following tutorial we will guide you so that you can activate or deactivate Google Play Store on my Android cell phone.

We have already talked about this App that is only available for Android users and we were able to show you in an interesting article. The steps to follow to activate or deactivate automatic updates in the Play Store.

How to activate or deactivate Google Play Store on my Android cell phone?

If for some reason you no longer have the Google virtual store, either because you deleted it or I have problems. We are going to indicate the steps you must take to activate Google Play Store on my Android phone. The first thing you should do is go to your mobile and in the Settings section you are going to press on the gear-shaped icon.

Scroll to the end of this new window and in it you will get the Advanced Settings option, we must enter, by clicking on it. Now you must find and select the Security section, press to enter. According to the version of Android you use, you can find another tab called More or in Settings it appears directly.

activate google play store

Either way you should look for an option that says Unknown sources or Unknown sources or Third party app. When you find it, you must enable it, you will do this by clicking on the switch that is on its right side. By performing this action, you will allow them to install APK.

Once this operation is finished, go to your browser and go directly to the installation page of Google Play Store. If you do not know what it is, you can use the following link, perform the installation process is very simple and will not generate any major inconvenience. When the download and installation has been done, the Google Play Store application proceeds in April.

Now you just have to wait for the operations on your mobile to finish and enter the store, it may ask for your user data. To make it easier, choose the Google account that is linked to your mobile phone.

What to do when the Google Play Store has been disabled

It is very likely that the Google Play Store application was not uninstalled and was simply disabled instead. In these cases we must do the following, first go to the Settings section and then press the More option. In this window you must search and click on the Application Manager option.

In this menu you must make sure that the All or All applications option is selected, if not, select it yourself. Now you must search the Google Play Store in the list that will show you a large number of programs. When you find it you select it by pressing it, this action will take you to a new window.

disable google play store

Now in this window, you just have to look for the Enable option and in this way the application starts working on your mobile. In this way we have made the necessary configuration so that the App can Google Play Store work on your device.

In this way we finish this very complete and easy-to-use guide for any type of user. That allowed you in simple and quick steps How to activate or deactivate Google Play Store on my Android cell phone?

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