How to Activate or Return to the Classic Version of Youtube? – Easy and Fast (Example)

YouTube is a very versatile platform, especially because it contains tools that allow you to do almost anything (such as setting and setting a speed limit). Besides your own Youtube tools too allow third parties to make changes to it, and that is why today you will see How to go back to the classic version of Youtube?

And, although we are in an era where there is much more technology than before, fashion really is vintage, since the feeling of nostalgia that exists for the past is very great. So if you are one of those who likes to watch 360 virtual reality videos but with a loquendo voice, this is your tutorial.

How to go back to the classic version of Youtube?

Now, to get straight to the point and that you can return to the classic version of YouTube as soon as possible, first you have to bear in mind that this process it cannot be done within the application itself.

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Before 2018, YouTube had an option within its configuration that allowed you to restore the previous versions of the platform on PC, however this was removed, leaving users only with the new interface.

But this does not mean that there is no way to return YouTube to the past, since if you have browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera you can activate some extensions that will allow you to use the old format.

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In the first named browser, that is Mozilla, is where this process is easiest, since all you have to do is go to the extension stores of this same and in its search engine place «Youtube Classic».

This is how the extension will appear, and you will only have to download it to be able to use it. Another way to get this extension is simply by placing your name in the Google search engine, since it should appear first there.

Install an extension in Chrome!

In the event that your browser is not Firefox, in order to return to the classic version of Youtube, you will need to download a different extension. There are many that you can find online, however among the best is this «Youtube Classic extension» which can be found on Github.

Once you have it, you must open your browser and press the three-dot icon that is in the upper right corner, this will display a menu where you must click first «More tools» and then «Extensions».

Within this other section, you have to activate the «Developer mode» whose option is in the upper right. Finally, click on «Package extension» which should appear right there and choose the extension you downloaded.

If you have Opera, the process is similar, that is, you have to download an extension from Google and then follow Opera’s own steps to activate extensions.

Differences between one version and another

With the above it is already more than clear how go back to the classic Youtube version, so now as an extra you will be explained what the difference is between both versions (just in case you start here by chance).

list of apps on mobile youtube

Well, really, more than performance, the differences are totally visual (except in Firefox where some people reported an improvement in performance).

With the extensions the menu on the left is recovered full of options (which are no longer there), in addition the home and trend buttons are displayed again, along with many more miniatures than the current ones.

Also, change the way the videos are viewed, that is, the playback box. And in turn, the subscribe button that everyone loved so much returns. Finally there is a general aesthetic change (not of colors).

And voila, now that you know all this, you are ready to go install your extension. But don’t just stay with that, look for more tutorials to help you get the most out of this platform, such as: How to speed up the review and monetization process?

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