How to Activate Pip or Picture-in-Picture for YouTube in Firefox and Chrome

Learn about the new way to watch videos without worrying about missing a detail when leaving the YouTube screen to do something else. PiP will be the ideal option for you, learn how to activate this option in Firefox and Chrome.

What is PiP or Picture-in-Picture?

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Picture-in-picture is that function that is included in some televisions, telephones or computers that allows you to enjoy content simultaneously.

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In the case of televisions, it is possible to display a television channel on the screen while aside on a floating or smaller screen there is another different channel. It should be taken into account that this process will be carried out by placing the floating or secondary screen above the main one.

Of course, only the sound of the television channel that appears on the main screen will be heard to avoid some confusion between the contents that are observed.

If you have security cameras in your home, you will be able to see your favorite program without neglecting the safety of yours using the PiP function.

In case of computers the theme is similar, you can watch content simultaneously on websites like YouTube. This in much simpler words is that you can play a video on the floating screen and search for another on the portal.

On the other hand, having the PiP function active makes it possible to follow the content we are seeing while we read its comments.

In addition, it will be possible for you to continue watching some video while you use your computer on a routine basis. For example, if you watch a video and want to make notes, you can open a document for it and the floating window will appear on the side.

This function gives you the freedom to use everything to give your devices, you will not feel stuck in a single application but you can use them at the same time.

How to activate Pip or Picture-in-Picture for YouTube in Firefox and Chrome?

Chrome Firefox in task bar

Surely you have noticed that other people’s devices have this function that we are talking about enabled, but for some reason yours does not.

So right now we will explain what you need to activate PiP mode in your browsers Firefox and Google Chrome.


First of all, keep in mind that you must have this browser on your PC, for that you can download and install Mozilla Firefox in its latest version. What you should know is that to obtain this function in your Mozilla Firefox browser it is necessary to have some extensions. This time we will talk about two extensions that will be your friends in terms of PiP. The first extension you can use is «Iridium for YouTube», this is an exclusive extension for Firefox that you can get at no cost.

It will be the perfect complement to add to your computer as it will include new options in the player for a more personalized operation.

When you install it, you will see a new element at the bottom of the player that will correspond to the new functions that the extension adds. In the thumbnails of the videos we will have an option that will allow us to select in advance the reproduction in PiP mode.

You can also invert the playlist with this extension, and manipulate the floating screen so that it becomes the main one at any time.

Another extension that you can use in Firefox is «Enhancer for YouTube», this in the same way as the previous extension allows you to activate the Picture-in-Picture.

Using Enhancer is very simple, you just have to play the video you expect to see and select the “picture-in-picture” option so that it plays on a floating screen.

The extension allows you to changes and customizations to more comfortably manage the way your player displays videos

You can set a default quality to watch the videos and make an interface that best suits your needs. In addition, with the mouse wheel you control the volume of them and the speed with which they are played.

Google Chrome

If you still do not have this browser on your computer, you can download and update Google Chrome to the latest version. Although it is well known that this function was carried out in the first place for Google Chrome, many times it is not active in the browser.

What can be done? To activate this function you must go to the Chrome navigation bar and proceed to type «Chrome: // flags».

It will take you to a test software page, there you can search for the function «Picture-in-picture». You will see that aside if it is by default, enabled or disabled, manipulating the options you can activate its operation.

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