How to Activate, Register or Subscribe to the Free Claro Music App plan

On the Internet we can find thousands of sites to download and listen to music, some more useful than others, and we have them at hand just by pressing, clicking or tapping a finger on a phone. Claro Music It is one of those places that best serve us for musical entertainment.

If you are a fan of music, and you continue in that insatiable search to get the best application or platform that satisfies your musical needs and tastesWe recommend that you continue reading this article where we will tell you what Claro is, how to register and what it can offer you.

What is Claro Música and what is it for?

Millions of music fans around the world are always in the constant search for a platform that delivers what crave and desire your musical tastes, regardless of gender, and trying to see which is the application that best suits them.

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Claro Music is a online music platform, with very good tools and an infinite diversity of songs that you can listen to just by subscribing or registering on said platform.

Perhaps it is not one of the best free music applications that exist for cell phones Android or iOSBecause the competition against Spotify is really high and catching up with this platform is not that easy.

chicha using the application of clear music with headphones

However, Claro Música can be of much use to us, and it has quite a few user benefits, maintaining a level that positions it in an emerging quality application, and gives us what we want to hear.

What are the plans for the Claro Music application?

Like the other elite music platform referred to above, Spotify, Claro Music has a premium version, which is paid, and another free version. Claro Música’s costs are actually going to depend on the plan you choose, and the number of songs you want to download in a given time.

It should be noted that Claro Música is distributed throughout the Latin American continent with some exceptions of countries. Are 16 countries in which you can find and download this platform and thus be able to use it for free or paid, or as you please.

In the case of Mexico, one of the countries where Claro Música is best known, the plans can be paid weekly or on a monthly basis. The unlimited plan, with which you can listen to millions of songs, it has a cost of 30 Mexican pesos a week; and if you want to pay it per month, you have to cancel this plan for only 99 pesos.

The other plan is the family, and it is a little more expensive than the previous one, but it is possible to pay the account between 5 people, with which you will be allowed to share your account once you activate and pay it.

How to activate, register or subscribe to the Claro Música application plan?

If you decide to immerse yourself in this platform, which you will not regret, the activation, the register or subscribe The Claro Música application plan is a simple process to do and it will only take a few minutes if you follow the steps that we will give you below.

We must remember that Claro Música, although it may seem, is not a music player for Android nor does it pretend to be, so registration is necessary and necessary Internet connection for this, in addition to its download obviously.

woman listening to free music of course

For registration and activation remember that a Clear number, at least, in the free version. The first thing you are going to do then is look for the Claro Música application in the App Store or Play Store.

Once downloaded, within the application you start the registration with the country you are in. Then you must put an email address and set a password; Then you confirm your email and if you want, you can activate the account with a paid plan, establishing the preferred payment method and the plan you want and can pay.

If you do not have these resources, and in your country there is no possibility of having a music platform of this level, we recommend using Telegram as a music player, where you not only find the song you want, but you can also download them all.

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