How to Activate Subtitles for YouTube Videos?

Subtitles represent one of the most important elements in recent times, in terms of the implementation of tools to audiovisual content. Like everything that can be linked to technology, it has undergone transformations that, in today’s sun, make it something simple, but fundamental.

With the birth of the internet, different streaming platforms were born, in turn, for the streaming or retransmission of videos made by people from all over the world.

These platforms have also evolved to the point of developing and implementing their own caption tools.

The video giant

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This platform founded in 2005 is one of the largest in terms of audiovisual content. From the beginning it was known what this platform could be capable of created by former PayPal employees: Just one year after its founding, the website was bought by Google, spending just over $ 1.6 billion.

The video giant

Today, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide, and an extraordinary number of more than one billion hours of audiovisual content available to its users.

Subtitles on YouTube

The first time this platform established the subtitle system it was in 2007. The tool was something quite basic, since the website was only 2 years old. Its implementation coincided with other innovations in terms of the player and advertising elements.

How to activate them?

The procedure for YouTube show available subtitles In the extensive video gallery of this incredible platform, it is something extremely simple to do. To do this, you just have to pay attention and follow the following instructions:

  1. Login to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the three bars that appear at the top left of your screen.
  3. Scroll until you find the settings option.
  4. Click on the «Playback and performance section».
  5. Check the box to always show subtitles.

Changes made should be saved automatically, so when searching for a video on the platform, you can view the subtitles as long as the video has them available.

Another way to activate them is through the video toolbar, where you will find the subtitles icon just before the settings icon. Through this icon you can select available subtitles for the video you are watching.

How to put subtitles on a YouTube video

Arguably YouTube hides an interesting, useful, and easy way of displaying subtitles in videos found on its platform. This is a combination of codes in the URL of the video. In this sense, you will use the following codes:

put subtitles in a YouTube video

  • «rel = 0«
  • The sign «&«which will serve as a separator between codes.
  • «hl =« (After the «=» sign, you will put the language of the subtitles. Some that you could use are: «on» (English), «it is» (Spanish), «is-419» (Latin Spanish), «fr» (French), «Item«(Italian),»pt«(Portuguese) and»from«(German). In this case, a video whose subtitles want to be displayed in English will be simulated.
  • «cc_lang_pref =« (after the «=» sign, the characters corresponding to the language you want to display are repeated).
  • «cc_load_policy = 1«

Entering the codes

The operation to be carried out next will be to verify the URL of the video. The address of a video on this platform generally has this structure: « code«.

In this sense, the first thing you should do is replace the part of “watch? v = by / embed /”. The only thing that you are not going to delete is the code of the video, at the end of it you will place a but “?”. From here, you will proceed to culminate with the structure of the address with the rest of the codes, being as follows:


Try again

When you finish with the structure of the video address, you will only have to press enter so that it reloads and you achieve display subtitles in the specified language.

This is an important tool for those with Hearing problems or who are looking to learn a new language by reinforcing their skills with subtitles.

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