How to Activate the Fn Key and Use It Step by Step

What does the acronym ‘Fn’ mean? What is the function of the ‘Fn’ key on the keyboard? How to enable and disable the ‘Fn’ key on the keyboard to use it?

Keyboard is one of the main tools from any PC or laptop. Keyboards have different functions, each of these functions lies in the keys that they have. For example, each of the keys F1 to F 12 have their respective functions.

Typically laptop keyboards include an ‘Fn’ key. ‘Fn’ key means function key, so if you know the ‘Shift’ key, the ‘Fn’ function will be extremely familiar to you.

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When the ‘Fn’ key is held down for a certain amount of time, it is possible to unlock the secondary operation of other keys on the keyboard. Finding this key is desktop computer keyboards, it is not so common.

If you are interested in know how the ‘Fn’ works, what utility it has and ways to deactivate and activate it, in tdftips we bring you a quick guide.

What is the function key or ‘Fn’ for?

There are several shortcuts on the keyboard, many of them are activated with secondary functions, by activating the ‘Fn’ key it is possible to access these secondary functions. Activating or inverting the ‘Fn’ key will modify different functions in other keys.

Fn key activate and use it

The secondary functions Which are activated depend on the type of keyboard in question, the brand and manufacturers influence certain criteria. Some of the functions that are activated with the ‘Fn’ key are:

  • Numbers keyboard. A number pad or numeric keypad provides the ability to quickly enter numbers. These keyboards are generally not included in laptops, so activating them with the ‘Fn’ key is a great way to access them.
  • Settings in the system. Some of these settings can be: adjust the brightness of the screen, turn it on and off, modify the volume, configure speakers and sounds.
  • Navigation function. With the ‘Fn’ key active it is possible to navigate through various documents on the computer. These can be: jump to the beginning of the document, exit the document, increase the size of the letters, add special characters and others.

Learn about some functions and applications of the Fn key

While the above is true, the functions of the Fn key go much further. In fact, in recent times, keyboards have evolved in quality, comfort, and functionality. Functions may vary between keyboards, but it is common to see number keys, game keys and there is even the option of customization in many cases.

How to change the functions of the Fn key?

It is not common, but some keyboards allow you to change the functions related to the Fn key. It all depends on the model, for example, some Laptops, such as Lenovo’s have their own configuration in the BIOS or through special software, on the other hand, modern mechanical keyboards also have programs for change functions of the Fn key.

How to enable or disable the Fn key on my Windows PC permanently

It all depends on the laptop model, some require enter BIOS to deactivate the function keys. Others, on the other hand, present the option to deactivate the Fn key directly from the keyboard itself. Sometimes reading the manual or going to the manufacturer’s website will give us the solution.

Solution to the main problems with the Fn key

The installation of appropriate drivers, BIOS setup and other similar actions is the first thing to do if you have problems with the Fn key. On the other hand, if it is a physical failure, it is best to bring the equipment to a technician. Still, read on to learn what you can do if the Fn key doesn’t work.

Steps to activate the alternate function

Activate or disable the ‘Fn’ key It is extremely simple, for this you just have to place it on your keyboard, it is usually in the lower left corner, below the Ctrl key.

exist two ways to activate and be able to use the function key. The first way is to press the ‘Fn’ key and then the keys that allow access to secondary actions, such as ‘Fn’ plus asterisk

. If you use this key for long periods and regularly, it is best to leave it activated. This way you won’t have to press it for each special function. To activate the function key and access specially assigned keys only

you must press 'Fn' plus Caps Lock.

learn to use the fn key on the keyboard To deactivate it, you must repeat the process. In case it does not activate,you can try pressing the number lock

, at the same time as ‘Fn’. However, you must bear in mind that some keyboards, depending on their provider, may have this key activated by default.

The Fn key does not work: How to fix the configuration problem? The first thing is to go to the BIOS andcheck if there is an option to activate the Fn key

, it may be disabled. Another alternative is to directly remove the network card and put tape on the pin that connects to the function of the Fn key, but the latter is not recommended and should be done by an expert. In relation to the BIOS, it all depends on the manufacturer. The first thing is to enter the BIOS, from there locate a name option ‘Action Keys Mode’

or similar.

Inverted Fn keyboard: How to go back to the initial settings? In the vast majority of cases just press Shift + Fn

to return the Fn functions to normal. Although this varies depending on the equipment, it is without a doubt the essential solution for most manufacturers.

Is it possible to activate WiFi without the Fn key? The first solution isuse a USB keyboard that has the Fn key

, in this way the Wifi could be activated in the conventional way. In turn, sometimes simply going to the control panel and enabling the Wi-Fi wireless network should be enough to fix the problem.

Access different functions with ‘Fn’ Onceyou have activated the ‘Fn’ key on your keyboard

  • , it is possible to combine it with others to access different functions. Some of these combinations are: ‘Fn’ key plus ‘F1’ key.
  • With this combination you will be able to activate and deactivate the touch panel of your laptop regardless of the Windows version it has. ‘Fn’ key plus ‘F2’ key.
  • This combination of keys allows you to turn on or off depending on what you want, the speakers or headphones of the computer. ‘Fn’ key plus ‘F3’ or ‘F4’ key.

By pressing the ‘Fn’ key plus the ‘F3’ or ‘F4’ keys you can lower and raise the volume of the computer, to do this you just have to press the button several times.

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