How to Activate the New Secret Design of Chrome Duet for Android Phones?

By the beginning of 2018 Google started working with a different format called Chrome Duplex; which has been evolving to what we know today as Chrome Duet for Android mobiles; however, the tool menu for this was not very consistent with the grouped tabs.

So for the latest version of Android mobiles, it was decided to change the format, splitting the toolbars of this browser in two different ways; in the upper part, locating the search bar and in the lower part the tabs that open, the share menu or to access the home.

Among the applications that Google presents for Android, it is the Chrome browser that regularly receives the most news, also receiving hidden functions which the company calls flags; In this way, Google Duet was formed, the hidden design that is located in Google Flags.

These internal Google Chrome menus they work thanks to what you have inherited from Chromiun, and it is evident that the developers decided at that time to keep some addresses that when placed in the URL bar of the browser, they will go to these menus.

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alert window on search in chrome with flags

Among them we will mention some:

  • Version (chrome: // version /): Menu where you can see the browser you are using and if it is necessary to install updates.
  • Apps (chrome: // apps /): To observe the applications that have been installed in your browser.
  • Urls (chrome: // chrome-urls /): Collects all the addresses of the menus that are available in the browser.
  • GPU (chrome: // gpu /): Shows you the graphic resources that the browser has used.
  • Flags (chrome: // flags): Stores the hidden and experimental functions of the browser.

The latter is the one that interests us, like the other menus, it can be entered from any version of Google Chrome and from any platform, it is just placed any of these URLs: chrome: // flags or about: flags.

Once you have logged in, a list of functions appears, which are divided into available and not available, each function is accompanied by another menu that is displayed allowing it to be enabled or not.

In addition to the explanation of its operation, the name of each function also appears as follows: # function-name, to identify and access faster to each; for example chrome: // flags / # activate-dark-theme

We will name some of the options, since the list is very extensive. Have Gesture navigation, Dark mode, Landscape format in the tab menu, Chrome Duet interface, Page preview, Goodbye to page breaks, Avoid automatic redirects, Scroll softer, among others.

How to activate the new Chrome Duet secret design for Android mobiles?

cell phone on with article to read from uscellul from the new beta version of chrome

The new design maintains the previous format. But changes are introduced such as that in the bottom now has three icons and not five as before; in addition, the user can modify any of these three accesses.

Everything will depend on the way you want to use the browser, you can choose if you want to show the open tabs or if you prefer to share them on the right side or the home or new tab on the left side.

Chrome Duet is currently available on the Chrome beta version for Android mobiles. Then you must download and install Google Play / Chrome Beta, then familiarize yourself with the Google Chrome flags; now enter the «flags» menu of Google Beta.

Then look for option # enable-chrome-duet, then you choose one of the three choices that appear; ie “Enabled Home-Search-TabSwitcher Variation”, “Enable Home-Search-Share Variation” or “Enable NewTab-Search-Share Variation”; once activated, the browser must be restarted and the Chrome Duet menu will be ready.

To conclude, it can be seen that the new interface allows the screen to be less cluttered. Besides the ease of navigation; especially for those users who usually use their mobile with one hand; and they need a quick and convenient entry when looking for the functions.

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