How to Activate the Spelling and Grammar Checker in OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is a cross-platform word processor, and belongs to the set of applications of the Apache OpenOffice office suite. It has several versions which are improving in functionality and appearance, and you can download them from its website.

At the same time, it allows you to save your documents with a password, insert images, objects, make an organization chart, it supports digital signatures, calculation tables, symbols, shapes, bookmarks, forms, among others.

It should also be noted that Writer is configurable, so you can change the text format and resemble a web page, since it is a powerful HTML editor. You can also make labels and business cards.

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However! Among all the features that OpenOffice Writer offers us, we find a very useful one, since it is the spelling and grammar checker. But you know How to activate this function? If your answer is no, then this article is ideal for you, because below we will explain step by step how to activate this option.

Discover how to activate the OpenOffice Writer word processor

OpenOffice Writer word processor

Initially, having this processor installed on your computer, you must activate it so that it provides you with complete and good functionality. So below we will explain what are the steps to follow to achieve a good activation of the word processor.

So you can go to the standard toolbar and click on the button automatic review to activate it.

Or if you prefer you can enter the «tools menu» and find where it says «options», it will show you several alternatives where you must select the one from «language settings». Then the «attendance» and it is in this section where the option of «Check spelling as you type».

In addition, if you want to correct the errors detected, what you must do is click on the screen that the corrector highlights without selecting it. In this way, the contextual processor will show you some options with the possible spelling corrections that have been detected for the error.

By selecting the correct option the proofreader will automatically replace the word, it is also important to mention that if the text is not incorrect you can click on the ignore option. In this way the underline disappears immediately leaving the original text that you have written.

In turn, if the wrong word appears several times in the same document you can click and select the option «ignore everything». Thus, the underlining of all these words in the document disappears.

OpenOffice Writer functionality

You can click on the option «include» the word in a document if it is spelled correctly. In addition, you will see a drop-down menu that includes different dictionaries of active users, and you can select the one in which you want to add the word. Also the default user dictionary is standard.dic.

However, the OpenOffice Writer spell checker does not correct words that are entirely capitalized or contain numbers. If you want to change this you can go to the option «tools» select where it says «options» and then «Language settings» and then «writing assistance.»

OpenOffice Writer options menu

And in the list of «user dictionaries» you must select the option «Standard (all)» and click on «edit».

Also, you should consider being cautious with the dictionary, as it corrects words that are spelling correct itself. Therefore, words can be misspelled, but if they are spelled correctly, the checker will not select them as an error.

So it should be noted that the Writer checker is a modern word processor, which is fully equipped to give all the tools to its users. And that in this way your documents are always spelled correctly.

Similarly, you can consider create books, indices diagrams transparent images and more, you can do whatever you want, as Writer makes sure your message looks good. In addition, this proofreader can read your Microsoft Word documents or save your work in this same format.

It can be deduced that OpenOffice Writer is a program with a series of tools and options that are very helpful and useful, and its interface is easy to use.

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