How to Activate the Trial Version of McaFee Antivirus? – Free License (Example)

Antiviruses are extremely essential programs for our PcWithout them you would be vulnerable and any virus would wreak havoc on our system. That is why you must choose very well which antivirus will protect your pc since not all of them fulfill their function well.

One of the best antivirus that you can choose to protect your system is without a doubt McaFee. This antivirus will keep your pc clean and if you have a virus it will take care of keeping you protected and eliminating the threat.

Besides, this program is perfect for those computers that have suddenly become slow, since one of its characteristics is that it has an accelerator. With him you can clean the garbage and optimize the processes of your pc so that it is not checked or saturated making it faster.

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After reading all these benefits, you may wonder: How can I download and install this great antivirus on my computer? Don’t worry, just follow our guide and you will see that in a very short time you will have this great tool protecting your system.

How to properly install McAfee antivirus on my computer?

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The first thing you need before starting the guide is to have an account on the official McaFee website. Don’t you own it? Don’t worry, just go to the official McAfee page and create an account, you will see that it is not a difficult process. If you also need help and want to know how to create a free McAfee antivirus account, in this link we will show you the step by step.

Step 1

With your account created, proceed to log in to your page. This is done by clicking on the «Account» option located in the upper right part of the site.

Following that, a questionnaire will appear where you will enter the email and password associated with the account you used when you registered. Then you click on «log in» and you wait for it to load, if it does not open make sure that the data you entered is correct.

Step 2

After «logging in» you must download the antivirus from the page, go to the options bar and choose the one that says «free trial».

When you are inside you must click on the option «Free download» at the bottom of the window that will come out. Having done this, the download will start automatically and depending on your connection it may take more or less a few minutes.

Step 3

Open the file when the download is complete for the program to install. Once the installation is complete completed The license activation window will open, which you must close. The next thing will be to buy the license, this can be done easily within the same program.

Go to the «buy» option that is in the upper left part of the antivirus startup and enter your account information. You will have to choose the subscription you want, fill in the purchase form and that’s it.

How can I get the full version of McAfee for free?

McAfee full version

Of course, not everyone has the facility to buy things on the Internet, either because they do not have the resources or a credit card. But for this McAfee offers the modality that you try for free and obtain a partial license to his program so that you can enjoy what he does for you.

In that case you may be wondering, how can I then get the program McAfee in its full version? You can choose to obtain the full version of this antivirus by purchasing its license from their official website through the payment methods they provide, this trial version ranges from 1 to 3 months.

Keep learning about this antivirus and find out how to log into McAfee if you forgot your password.

Protecting your privacy is extremely important, so be sure to keep your electronic devices protected. If you need to make sure that all your devices are protected, check out this article that talks about the best free antivirus to install on Android phones.

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