How to Adapt the Contact and Comments Form to the LOPD in WordPress

Adapt to LOPD in WordPress It is necessary and feasible by various means, the process that this implies is simple to execute. It is enough only the execution of certain plugins to do it, as well as a basic domain of information about WordPress and the LOPD in Spain.

The process for adapt the contact form to the LOPD It is extremely simple, and it is even easier to adapt the WordPress comment form to this law. Here we will teach you how to do both so that you can be sure of complying with the LOPD.

Before explaining how to adapt the contact form to the LOPD, we invite you to install WordPress on your device, and then we will proceed to explanation of this configuration.

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The first thing we are going to do to adapt the contact form to the LOPD is to indicate how you should download a contact form in WordPress for free.

Then we are going to head to the main interface of your page in WordPress, and we will go to the plugins option, clicking on it; then, in the search engine of this section, located on the right side of the screen, we are going to look for the ‘Contact Form7’ plugin.

We will proceed to install and activate it, and we will see that a new option will open in the menu with the contact name; we will enter there, giving click on ‘Contact form’. We can also see that the plugin comes with a predesigned form.

Now this form it is not adapted to the LOPD; To adapt it we must enter it, and in the ‘Message’ section, we will edit and write ‘I accept the privacy policies’.

adapt contact form and comments lopd wordpress

Finally, we will link the URL of your WordPress page, where you have explained the privacy policy according to the law, so that when accepting, the user can read about all your policies.

How to adapt the WordPress comment form to the LOPD?

Once the above process has been applied to adapt your WordPress page to your contact formLet’s see how this adaptation is done in the comment form.

In this sense, it is important to mention that you must first have created your comment form, which is done in a similar way to creating a subscription form in WordPress; as well as ensuring that the privacy policy of your page is also available to the public.

Then we will go to the plugins, and if not you have downloaded ‘LOPD in the comments’We invite you to download, install and activate it.

When this plugin is activated, you will see that a box is available in the comments form of your page’s interface. But something else still needs to be done: link this box to the information in the privacy policy.

For this then we are going to click on ‘Edit’ the plugin, and in this way then we can see in a text format that says ‘I accept the privacy policy’, and what we must do is simply link the URL of the privacy policies of your page in WordPress.

Why adapt these forms to the LOPD in WordPress?

All these processes are necessary to apply, and for this reason we recommend that you optimize your WordPress to be lighter, even with the variety of plugins that are being downloaded. But this is not all, there is why we must adapt said forms to the LOPD.

adapt the lops wordpress form

To give an outline about this idea, we will tell you that the LOPD, or Organic Law on Data Protection, urges all pages or blogs to establish a privacy policy for the good of the user who enters these pages, such as the administrator in charge of it.

In this way, through a simple process that does not really take much time, it is good that you comply with this mandate of the LOPD, and thus the user or client of your page in WordPress feel more confident by wanting to comment or contact you.

Adapting and complying with the LOPD is always necessary, so that we avoid problems and inconveniences in the future of our WordPress.

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