How to Add a Contact to my Outlook Email – Hotmail (Example)

The edit, view or add a contact And even creating contact lists is a service that Outlook offers us in different internet browsers. Thus, from our Outlook email – Hotmail we can do many things; We can also add a person with just one message in the email easily and quickly.

Our mail helps us to order and capture information about who we want add to our contact book. With this tool, we can create electronic cards that allow us to save information such as profile photo, telephone numbers, postal code, among others.

Contacts are saved by default in the contact folders. To add a new one you must go to the bar at the bottom left and select contacts. Choose the section add new contact.

Write the contact’s specifications, click on toadd more to specify the information (date of birth and address of your contact), click Create and ready.

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If after that, it turns out that you already had the contact previously saved, remember that you can easily delete or merge duplicate contacts in Outlook.

screenshot to create contact

Once you choose the browser of your preference, enter Outlook

  1. Choose Mail
  2. In your email, open a message and click on the contact’s name to add it to contacts.
  3. Afterwards, a profile card will appear, there click on the three-dot icon.
  4. Choose the option to add to contacts.

NOTE: Contacts will be added in contact folder automatically.

The contact list is useful when it comes to send an e-mail to a specific set of people. An example would be creating a contact group or message distribution list in Outlook, and giving it a name; the message will be sent only to the members of said list.

If you decide to send a message to the members of a group, you just have to add the name of the group in section «for» of the new mail message. If you want to save your contact list in a special folder, just select the folder or you can create it.

screenshot to create contact

  1. On the menu file, Choose new and click on the section Contact.
  2. Write the contact name.
  3. Then, write the information you want about the contact.

You can specify an alias for the contact, just type it in the box Show as. In this way, in the section «for» messages, the alias or name. To place other specifications, click the down arrow.

Add second email addresses, physical address, or phone numbers

Outlook will allow you add more than one email address and more than one phone number.

  1. If you’ve already created the contact and just want to add information, open the existing contact.
  2. In the down arrow next to the email, select one of the options you want to add; for this case it will be email 2.
  3. Finally, click on save.

If what you want is only edit a particular contact, Do the following:

  1. On the tab Beginning, press on search for and select address book.
  2. Choose the option contacts which will show you the dialog box and select the address book where the contact to modify.
  3. Select the person you want to modify, with the left mouse button, select update information.
  4. Press save and cancel.

This way you can save your contacts in email seamlessly, so when you want to send an email to different contacts in a group, you will have it close at hand.

If you don’t have an account yet, or want an additional one for another purpose; You can always create a new Outlook email account – Hotmail in view of the updates that Outlook has made. Don’t worry, having more than one account will be fine as long as you need them; in the same way you can always unlink or delete your Hotmail or Outlook account.

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