How to Add a ‘Donate’ or ‘Make a Donation’ Button on Facebook What Requirements Do I Have to Meet?

In the field of donation services there are multiple ways to donate through different means on the Internet. One of them, almost the most used, is through a Facebook page where the ‘donate’ button, and also, by means of a publication or live video.

The ‘donate’ button or ‘make a donation’ on Facebook It can be added to get the support of donors around the world, obviously meeting some requirements and configuring some options to add it. If you want to add this button, keep reading.

What is a donation on Facebook?

As an explanation of an action or term, it is always advisable to go to its etymology. Donation is a word that comes from Latin, and its translation into Spanish is the ‘act of giving and giving away’, including the effect of this to achieve an interest-free purpose of obtaining a reward.

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A donation is then the action of providing support, giving an object or thing and providing help (regularly of the type economic) to a third party, without the intention of obtaining a reward or benefit from it; In this way, support can be made to anyone who deserves it and, at the donor’s discretion, to anyone who is worth it.

When we talk about donations on Facebook we refer to this type of monetary aid that can be done through the platform of said social network, regardless of the region or place where the donor or the recipient of the donation is located.

activate the donation button on facebook

Donations can then be made for different reasons and with several options that the social network has for the same. It is possible to donate from a publication, a video in real time (live) and a page created from Facebook, as long as these means have the ‘donate’ button and the requirements to add one.

How to add a ‘donate’ or ‘make a donation’ button on Facebook?

This type of configuration, adding a ‘donate’ button is one of the most recent in the life story that Facebook has. We are talking about something that has been done for a long time on other platforms that are normally used for profit.

An example of these pages is Youtube, and to get the payments is very simpleIt is enough to create the PayPal donation button for a user’s channel, and in that way get what the donors want to contribute.

This can be done from streaming a YouTube live video, as well as from the different videos that have already been uploaded on that channel.

The same happens with many applications, such as activating and configuring Twitch donations, and each one has a similar mechanism.

In the case of Facebook, basically the same thing happens. We must then go to our Facebook page, and meeting the requirements, you can then go to account settings to add a button, either directly on the page, or in each post.

What requirements do I have to meet to make a donation on Facebook?

In general, this type of action when donating is done in order to help those who comply with a quite justifiable social work. This is the case of non-profit organizations, or non-profit organizations, which create an account to receive the help that they can provide from different parts of the world.

But there can also be different reasons why you can give the option to donate and then receive that support by different users who want to collaborate. It is not necessary to have an organization in this area to receive a donation, nor to add the ‘donate’ button.

add donation to facebook with a button

It can be through a video, or any publication, where you need to meet some requirements. The main one of all is to be page administrator From Facebook.

As an administrator then you will have the option (in each post) to click on «…», to activate the ‘make donations’ button, through Facebook, without the donor resorting to another external means of the social network. It is also possible to do it directly on the page, and each person who enters will be able to donate.

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