How to Add a New Card in Mercado Libre What Cards Do You Accept and How Do I Start Using It?

With the passage of time, it is increasingly necessary, comfortable, and elementary, to make payments through the internet, therefore, it is important to know which cards does the payment market accept? If you are by associate your credit card with Mercado LibreYou can do it with your VISA, MasterCard or American Express card.

Instead, if you have a debit card, you can add it if it is MasterCard, VISA or Mercado Pago. As MasterCard is among the options, Mercado Pago also accepts Maestro cards.

When making purchases, it will not matter much if the seller is outside the country, since the option Mercado Pago is international, so you can pay wherever you are.

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To register cards in the free marketIt is extremely important to register on the website. To do this, simply enter data such as your name, surname, email, among other information.

Besides power buy products normally And trust, once the account is created you can also sell products in Mercado Libre, whether they are new or used.

Why shop at Mercado Libre?

There are still people who remain skeptical about electronic commerce, however, it is a reality that we must accept and make the most of it.

The virtual environments are becoming stronger, from distance education to telematic consultations, the optimization of trade thanks to new technologies is imminent.

Although there are many alternatives today on the internet to make virtual purchases, Mercado Libre is undoubtedly one of the best possible options, with an outstanding track record in the Latin American market.

Before making the first purchase through Mercado Libre, it is very important that you take into account certain factors, such as, for example, inquire especially in sellers with outstanding experience.

learn how to add a new card in free market

That does not mean that we should completely avoid those new users who do not have opinions on their profile or a long history of sales, however, these types of features give you more. trust and security at the time of buying and making a payment.

Steps to add a new card to Mercado Pago

Do not look any more on the internet, or release your data to strangers telling them «I cannot add a card to the payment market», in this article we explain everything you need.

First, enter the payment market page, or, from your Android or iOS device, thanks to its similar interface, the procedure is basically the same. Then go to your profile section.

Look for the option titled «see my automatic debits» and there you will be able to add new cards, or change it if you have previously registered one.

In case you have one registered card, click on the three dots near the name of the card, then choose the option ‘change card’. Once you have completed these steps, a new page will load you with a form to fill out.

This form must be filled out with your personal data and card details, and do not worry, the risk of losing your money or of suffer a cyber attack it’s really low.

What to do if Mercado Libre rejects my payment?

If you have followed exactly the instructions given above to add a card to Mercado Pago, and it still does not work, the best you can do is repeat the above procedure.

Enough of saying «I can’t activate my payment market card», also keep in mind that from time to time the Mercado Pago system and Mercado Libre as such, tends to fail.

card that you can add to the free market

Therefore, that may be one of the reasons why Mercado Pago rejects my debit card. Of course, if after deleting it and re-registering it in the system, it still fails, the best thing you can do is call the bank to see if everything is okay.

In some cases, banks often block cards for consumption on the internet, so that might be the problem.

Very important, never forget qualify a seller in Mercado Libre, either because the transaction was successful, or because the product was not what you expected, it is always important to leave your opinion that can serve other users.

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