How to Add a Watermark to a Photo in PaintShop Pro (Example)

If your work involves creating content for social networks, it will surely be useful to learn how to add a watermark to a photo in PaintShop Pro so that the logo and name of your brand or organization are visible in the material you are creating.

If you are not familiar with this program, don’t worry! There are multiple editing programs that allow you to carry out this task, such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop; and there are even applications that allow you to watermark your photos on your Android or iPhone.

What is a watermark and why should I use one?

A watermark is a word or image (such as a logo) that is superimposed over another image or video with a lot of transparency. They are widely used by image banks, pages where you can download images, some of these pages even allow you to download images without having these watermarks.

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Watermarks seek to protect copyright (copyright) of the material produced by a person or organization, because being marked, the user is discouraged from using it.

What is PaintShop Pro and what is it for?

PaintShop Pro is a graphics editing program created in 1990 that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Its interface is quite user-friendly, and it has been widely used as has a wide variety of editing tools, and even more can be added to it, as converted brushes can be added from Photoshop and used in this software.

image design in paintshop pro

Today, many electronic equipment manufacturers (such as Dell manufacturers) have integrated it into their systems, for you to have access to this program as soon as you acquire, for example, a new laptop or a desktop computer.

Steps to add a watermark to a photo in PaintShop Pro

In this section we will explain step by step how we can add a watermark to a photo in PaintShop Pro quickly. You will see that it is a very simple process and that it will not take you more than five minutes to complete.

  • First of all, we open the image we want to put the watermark in PaintShop Pro.
  • Then, we go to the ‘Image’ menu and select the option ‘Watermark‘, and then the option’ Visible watermark ‘. This will open a new window.
  • In the ‘Watermark Origin’ section we click on the ‘Browse’ button and search among our files for the image that we want to use as a watermark. We will have a preview to see how it looks when we edit it.
  • To start edit the watermark, we go to the ‘Layout’ section, where we will find three options: If we choose ‘Mosaic’ our watermark will be repeated in an orderly fashion throughout the image. If we choose ‘Center’ the watermark will be in the center of the image. And if we choose ‘Corner’ it will allow us to place the watermark in a corner of the image.
  • If we want to modify something else, we can go to the ‘Style’ section. There we can adapt the size and opacity of our watermark, as well as add relief to it.
  • Once we are satisfied, we click on the ‘Accept’ button to finish the edition.

Can I make a watermark with text?

In these steps we explain how to watermark an image, but this process can also be done using PaintShop Pro’s text tool. This would be useful, for example, to put your name on a series of professional photographs.

painshop pro tools

We hope this concise tutorial to learn how to add a watermark to a photo in PaintShop Pro has been useful to you. And you can also learn how to watermark your videos to protect your intellectual property. And that from now on you put into practice the use of watermarks to protect all the material you produce.

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