How to Add an Administrator to a Facebook Ads Advertising Account? (Example)

Businesses are now online, every day more people join the Freelancer community, wanting to create their own business model. That is precisely why it is today’s appointment, to learn to add a manager to a Facebook Ads advertising account.

Because with the world completely taken over by the internet, the salaries and opportunities that are presented online are getting better and better.

It’s important to know run a business in the 21st century and if not, at least know how to get someone else to run the business for you.

What is Facebook Ads?

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Before you can fully enter how to add an administrator to a Facebook Ads advertising account, you have to know what the program is.

Basically this is the Facebook advertising system, from which you can promote a company, event, online stores or applications.

It has nothing to do with accepting or rejecting friend requests on Facebook, but encompasses something beyond a simple link, that is, it generates business opportunities.

This is one of the best in the industry, especially for its characteristics and functions, such as: allowing you to detail and segment the ads to a specific clientele.

Also the opportunity to interact with the public chosen for the announcement through games, raffles, among others. At the same time it also allows a ads viralization; This is so that new accounts can spread their content through their friends.

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It is economical, and it also lets you see a detailed page report, to be able to manage it effectively, getting the most out of it, and of course the possibility of giving permission to another person to manage your account.

It works almost in a similar way to creating an Instagram profile for companies, since they practically have the same objective to materialize.

But why should you add an admin to an ad account from Facebook Ads? Well, for convenience and to improve efficiency. This system is very easy to use, but in order to obtain a greater number of followers (which translates into money), you have to dedicate a lot of time, patience and resources.

What makes most pages always look for support, having up to more than three administrators per account, who not only publish but are also aware of the public.

Add a manager to a Facebook Ads advertising account

In this way, just like YouTube channel videos can be monetized, the ability to profit through Facebook is enabled in an instant.

Now if what you came to, the first thing you should do to add an administrator on Facebook, is go to the section «Ads manager» (most likely it will ask you to type your password again).

Then in the roles of the advertising account, you must select the option «Add people»Once this is done, you must put the name or email of the person you want to add in the box that will appear.

You will also notice that there is a drop-down, this is where you can choose the role that the person to whom you are granting permission to enter the account will have, these can be:

«Ad account manager», «Advertiser of the advertising account» and «Advertising account analyst». Analysts can see ads and reports, advertisers can, only this one if they have the ability to edit and create ads.

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And Administrators can do all of the above, plus edit payment methods and manage administrator permissions. Once you have chosen one, select it and that’s it, you can now add an administrator to a Facebook Ads advertising account.

As you could see, it is not difficult at all, and you can add several administrators to better manage the account together. Of course the creator will always have the greatest control, being able to delete any other account with a single click on the X that will appear next to the name each.

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