How to Add and Create New Guest User or Administrator Accounts in Windows 10

Here is an easy method to add and create guest or administrator user accounts in Windows 10. It should be known that Windows 10 gives the activation option of this type of accounts from its interface.

So we are going to explain in a simple way how to do it, but first we are going to provide you with some information about Windows 10 and the benefits of this option. After that we will proceed with the steps to add and create guest or administrator user accounts in Windows 10.

What are administrator and guest user accounts?

This is an option present in all versions of Windows, this option comes by default when starting the system and allows a person to place at their disposal a computer safeguarding their private information. The Windows XP and Windows 7 programs had the user or administrator account available by default on the system.

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You could see it on the main lock screen where when choosing the user and place the password, the option to enter or access as administrator or as a guest was shown.

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Currently this option has been modified and it is not allowed to do so. These changes were made by a security policy reform carried out by Windows 10, and in this way there are no default guest accounts in the system.


The benefits of having a administrator account or guest are fundamentally to have greater comfort and security if the equipment that we have at our disposal is managed on a regular basis by other users who do not need to enter the advanced options of the equipment.

This makes it easy to control at all times who is accessing documents and files on your computer. This also makes it possible to allow others to access or enter the computer, without having access to the system settings, or install or modify any program on your computer.

You also protect your privacy as much as possible since having guest users or administrators in Windows 10 makes it possible to give access to the operating system without worrying about them entering somewhere without your permission.

How to activate it in Windows 10?

Next, we are going to provide you with the steps you must follow, read carefully the guide that we are going to show you so that you do not have problems with the procedure. If you want more information about Windows accounts you can check our website.

Step 1

Type «Windows» plus «R» to open the Run window, then type «netplwiz» and press «Enter.» A properties box will appear that says «User account», it is essential that it be done under administrator permissions.

Step 2

Click on «Add» to open a properties box called How will this person log in? To start creating a new account choose the option «Sign in without a Microsoft account» which is located at the bottom of the box, then click «Next.»

Step 3

After giving it next, a window called «Add a user» choose «Local account», this is located at the bottom of the properties box. Then a box will appear called «Add a user.»

There are four empty spaces in this property box. You can only write in the space called «user name» and we can leave the «Password» space blank since you want it to be for guests.

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If the procedures are done correctly, the system should display the message in a property box that says «The command has been completed successfully», then is correctly configured and you can close quietly.

How to activate or enable?

You must enable as user account or guest account, in the window of «User account» select the account of the user in question and click on properties.

Then the option corresponding to groups is located and the one that says «other» and select the word «Guests». Then click on accept again and the guest user account will have been created.

It is necessary to know more about user names to avoid problems with these steps, so that if you want clear and precise information you can find it in our Web port in a simple way.

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