How to Add another Gmail Account to my iPhone or Android Cellphone? (Example)

Today the digital industry has taken on a fundamental role in the lives of human beings. This is why it is essential to have at least one social network or be connected to an Internet platform.

Email is a platform that allows user interaction through text messaging or sharing documents in various formats. Currently, to register on any website, an email is required so that the institution or corporation can send notifications or communicate some information to the user.

On the other hand, Los Android and iPhone mobile devices require the creation of an email account that is synchronized with the device. So that all the previous configuration aspects, as well as the downloads and social networks are executed in a personalized way.

How to add another Gmail account to my iPhone or Android cell phone?

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Gmail is an email platform developed by the multinational company «Google». Its creation was announced in mid-2004, but it was formally presented in 2007. It currently has more than 4 million active users.

Most Android and Apple devices require the syncing a Gmail email default. This is because through Gmail you have access to the Google search engine, and this implies that all the information that the user wishes to store on their device may be upload to «The cloud» directly.

Through this account you can also interconnect social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram among others, which allows access to them even easier, so I recommend you keep the Gmail application updated to its latest version for better performance.

How to sync a Gmail email or add another to your Android or iPhone mobile device?

The process of syncing a Gmail account on Android and iPhone smart mobile devices is basically the same.

If you have purchased a new Android or iPhone mobile device and want to add an email account to start enjoying Google products, tools and services on your device, you can do so as follows:

  • Swipe on the applications menu and tap «Settings». It should be noted that this option has an icon or figure of gears or wrenches.
  • You will find a drop-down list of options, click on the section «Google».
  • Then press on «Google service» or «Google email account».
  • As you have not yet added an account, you will find the icon with the option «add account».
  • In this option you can also make some adjustments in the previous configuration aspects. Although it is necessary to mention that these settings may limit or restrict some uses of the Google platform on your device.

How to add another Gmail account to your Android or iPhone mobile device?

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If you want to add another Gmail account to your Android or iPhone mobile device, you need to follow each of the steps that will be explained below:

  • Enter the settings application from your device and press again on the option of «Google services».
  • Then press on «Google» or «Gmail».
  • Then, you must mark right on the photo or profile item, it is located in the upper right corner. You can easily identify it as it owns your email profile photo or the acronym of your email account name.
  • By clicking on your account an alternative will appear with the option to manage your user account or «add another account».
  • Select the latter and enter the new email account with password, and if you forgot the password, you can recover it.
  • After adding the new account you will need to select which account you want to sync with your device.

There is no doubt that Gmail makes life easier for users by allowing their devices to be managed in a personalized and unique way. Not only provides essential safety aspects today. If not, it intelligently saves important images or files. Providing a kind of backup or secure folder.

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