How to Add Capital Letter to Paragraphs of a Text in Microsoft Publisher

Despite the fact that human beings have been in constant technological development, there are traditions that they still do not want to stop doing, this is seen more frequently in towns and places near the city, or in older people who do not want to change their style and personality.

And there are many things that are still done in an old way. For example, there are people who write their notes or reminder on sheets of paper, even though they have a smartphone which makes this activity much easier for them. Although, not only the customs have persisted, we can see that also the styles.

For example, formal suits have their appearance centuries ago, and like top hats, there are people who still use them. We also see this point of view in the writing texts with capital letter, a design created years ago and that to this day we can still find written with it.

What is the capital letter?

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The capital letter or also known as capitulate, is a letter that may appear in different writings along the history. In which we can notice an exorbitant difference compared to the size of the other letters in a paragraph, where we can say that it can be from 3 to about 5 times larger.

microsoft word arrow letters worksheet

His style has varied greatly depending on the time and place. For example, in the oldest manuscripts that have been found, the capital letter appears quite ornate, being the main point of attention of the reader. Between the ancient and middle ages they were used in Italy with twice the size of the others.

Where can we see the capital letter today?

Capital letters are in the transcription of ancient texts, although we can currently find them in some stories and tales created by internet users. Since that gives a slightly more classic look to the story, and if the story has a medieval background, it fits like a glove.

In addition, we can see that they also appear in texts or student orientation works. Some professors who teach classes related to the use of computers and office automation programs, consider the teaching of this tool as something essential for students.

What type of capital letter exists in a computer?

In the office automation programs we can see that there are 3 different capital letter styles. The first is where we see that the letter is at the same height as the first line of the text. It can be said that it is basically the same as the other letters but with the difference that it is 3 or 4 times larger.

In the other type, the capital letter is located completely to the left and that imposes a type of margin to the following text, that is, that no word of the text may be located below the capital letter. And finally, there is the usual letter where the text begins at the top right of the letter, and does not affect anything else.

How to add capital letter to the paragraphs of a text in Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is an excellent program belonging to Office, with which you can create a publication to print in book format, create and use text boxes, add shapes, make a logo, etc. To apply the capital letter, we must have a paragraph already written, immediately afterwards, we click on any part of said paragraph and we will look in the upper right part for the new tab of «Text box tools». Then, we look within the typography group, which is located in the right area.

The capital letter option is the first that we see within the group, by giving click to tool, the program will show us different styles and options. We select the one we like the most, and the program will automatically make the first letter found in the paragraph change to the style we chose.

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This tool is very interesting in terms of customization and editing of writings, since it allows us not only to capture the attention of any user with great impact, but also gives a classic style to text. Simply put, it is a very good option to try.

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