How to Add Cash or Card Payment Methods in Uber step by step (Example)

The advantage of Uber is that you can pay for your service with different payment methods, resulting in your comfort. Now, in order to start paying in cash, or with the card that Uber accepts, you must add them in the application, but how? Don’t worry, keep reading this article, because today we will teach you: How to add cash or card payment methods in Uber step by step.

How to add cash or card payment methods in Uber step by step

So that you are more comfortable when paying an Uber, you must then record payment either in cash or card in the following ways:

Add the cash payment method in Uber

To add this form of payment in the Uber app, you must carry out the following steps, which are in fact very simple:

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First: although it is the most logical thing to do, you must install the Uber application on your phone, and after downloading it you must open the menu of said application. Second: go to the Payment section and click on it to access the other options that are presented within the application.

Third: now, click on the section «Add payment method» so that you are presented with the payment options available in your country at that time. Fourth: finally, select the option of «Cash payment» so that it is finally added to your constant payment methods.

Add the card payment method in Uber

To add this payment method you must follow steps very similar to those of the previous process with cash:

  • First: access the Uber app from your smartphone and once you access it, open the menu of said application.
  • Second: Go back to the Payment option, since that is where the rest of the process corresponding to card payments is carried out.
  • Third: now, once you are there, locate the Add payment method section and click on it to access that option.

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  • Room: tap on Credit Card so you can add this valuable option to your payment methods.
  • Fifth: finally, now you have to take out your camera phone and your credit card to scan the card or if it makes it easier for you, add the steps by hand.

Something you need to know about adding cash or card payment methods in Uber

In relation to paying in cash at Uber, you should know a couple of things that will come in handy to find out:

To make your cash payments in relation to Uber, when you add this payment in the app, you should verify your identity. This greatly facilitates the process and avoids errors when executing this process, in addition to the fact that it is mandatory to verify your identity.

To do this, you can use your Facebook account, which is the method that Uber You have pinned your application for identity verification. This is simply for that purpose, so Uber will not access your personal data or other personal or confidential information that belongs to you.

It is worth mentioning that the cash payment that is mentioned in the app is a payment that may actually vary depending on the stops you ask the user to make. Driver partner. Also of traffic, change of route, and similar aspects, so the payment may turn out to be less or more than what the application has calculated for you.

If we talk about the card paymentsYou should know that there are certain processes that are carried out in order to improve your experience. For example, the data you provide for your credit card is not disclosed or shared, it is 100% confidential data.

Also, once you schedule an Uber ride, a process of «pre-authorization» of your quota, so perhaps your bank will notify you of it. Of course, this does not have any type of monetary surcharge that affects the price of your trip.

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Now how did you learn to register two different types of payment in the Uber app, When it comes to paying, everything will be easier for you. Either in cash or with a card, from now on paying for an Uber will be easier.

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