How to Add Forms in Microsoft Publisher | Insert Text Inside Shapes

With the passing of time, the use of computer programs has become increasingly indispensable, because these are very practical and versatile tools.

In this way they give us the ability to work in a very efficient way. Among the most used categories are text creation and editing programs. This is a very broad category, since all the documentary editing programs come in here.

These help us to carry out work in the best possible way, providing us with tools with which we can create all kinds of documents. One of these is Microsoft Publisher developed by the Microsoft company, it is available in the Office gallery.

How to add forms in Microsoft Publisher | Insert text inside shapes?

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With this program we can create, edit and modify any type of documentary work, such as creating a publication to print in book format, creating and using text boxes, adding capital letters to the paragraphs of a text, making a logo, etc. It offers us a wide range of options with which we can create from simple shapes to designing complete web pages.

Microsoft Publisher offers a easy to understand interface, precise and with functions that allow us to control every aspect of our work. It also gives us the opportunity to share all of our work and it is compatible with multiple platforms.

One of the crucial tools this program offers is creating and editing shapes. In this article we will learn how to use the Microsoft Publisher program, add shapes as well as insert text within them.

Steps to add forms in Microsoft Publisher

It is very important to know the steps that must be followed to insert forms in Publisher, the first step that we must take is to open the Microsoft Publisher program. To insert shapes we can do it through two options.

One is from the «Start Menu» located at the top of the screen and in the section of «Objects» select option «Shapes». We can also do it from the the «insert menu» and in the group «Illustrations» we click on «Shapes».

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When we open the shapes window we will see all the shapes that are available, organized by means of different categories. Among which are Lines, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Flowchart, Callouts, Ribbons, and Stars.

The next step is to do click on the shape we want to add, then we move the mouse to our sheet. Where we want our shape to start we right click and without releasing it we drag to indicate the size we want our shape to have and then we release.

Once our shape is inserted in the sheet we can see some points around it, these points allow us to change the size of our shape and also rotate it. On the other hand, at the top of the screen we will see the option «Drawing tools».

From this options menu we can change the shape we create, we can also change the background and outline color of our shape, as well as add effects. Here we find all the configurations related to the design of our shape.

Steps to Insert text into shapes

The first step to add text inside a shape is by clicking the option «Modify text» located within the options of «Drawing tools». The text pointer will automatically come out inside the shape we create.

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Now we can write the text we want inside our form, we can also paste some text from another page, by right clicking and pasting. To do this, we must first select and copy the text that we want to paste.

From the moment we create some text in a form, the option will appear at the top of the screen «Text Box Tools». Within this option we can make all kinds of configuration to our text.

We can change the size of the letter, add other fonts to change the design of our letter, we can also change the outline and background color of the text. Add effects as well as use centering and margin tools.

Through these two options Drawing tools and «Text box tools we can configure all aspects related to the shape and text of our work.

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