How to Add Friends from Other Platforms in Realm Royale PS4 From PC? (Example)

Realm Royale is one of the best titles in the Battle Royale genre, because it has many functions that make it an action-packed title. For this and much more, everyone wants to know about him, and with that in mind today you will see How to add friends from other platforms in Realm Royale?

And, one of the most important features in a game today is multiplayer, because this is the one that allows users to take a few games with colleagues to amuse themselves (or even training for a tournament), hence it is so important to learn how to make friends with this tutorial.

Before starting, you should know that This guide is specifically created to solve the question posed, so to find out more about this game, such as: Why does Realm Royale not open or load the game in Windows 10 ?, you should look for another tutorial.

How to add friends from other platforms in Realm Royale?

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Now, to get straight to the point, the first thing you should know in order to learn how to add friends from other platforms in Realm Royale PS4 from PC, is that no matter what platform you are on, from anyone you can add friends from any platform.

This is because in this title crossplay has already been activated, so the servers are open to play with people of any platform, and also you can add everyone as a friend.

real royale game

If that is clear to you, then it is time to teach you the process you must follow to add a friend (on all devices it is the same). Step number one is to open your game (you have to have an account created on the official page or game to log in), once inside it, you have to press the button named «Social».

That will take you to a section where your list of friends will be (those that you already have added), there you must press the option that is in the lower right part of the screen called «Add friends» (If you are on a console you have to press the button indicated on the screen).

With this action you will be shown the friends who are playing on your same platform, all you have to do to add them is click on their names to send the request.

How to add friends from other platforms?

With the above, you have already solved the first part of the question: How to add friends from other platforms in Realm Royale PS4 from PC? add those friends who do not belong to your same platform.

The process is the same, you just have to go to «Social» and click on «Add friends», but in this case, instead of choosing someone, click on the option «Add by name» (If you are on the console, simply press the button with which you add friends).

realm royale game home screen

With this action a window will pop up so that put the name of your friend, when doing so click «Accept» and immediately the game will locate your partner (regardless of his platform) and let you touch him to send him a request.

And voila with that you know how to add friends from other platforms in Realm Royale PS4 from PC, So there is nothing left for you to do here.

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