How to Add Money to Wechat with Credit or Debit Card | Step by step guide

The social networks are evolving more and more And it is not a secret to anyone that Chinese technology is truly advanced.

We can check it with the WeChat application, developed by Tencent in china. Continue with us and discover more about this incredible application and payment method.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is an application that works as a social network, the difference between WeChat and other similar social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others, is that WeChat was developed as a multipurpose platform.

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With WeChat we can make live transmissions, we can communicate instantly with other contacts through text messages, voice messages, calls, video calls, among others. This application also allows us to enjoy the sending and receiving files such as images, videos and audios.

As we already said, it is a social network platform, even similar to WhatsApp Messenger and applications similar to WhatsApp. What makes WeChat stand out from the rest of them is that WeChat brings a mobile wallet service.

That is payments can be made through this platform. Very similar to the PayPal money transfer system. These payments and transfers are made through the mobile application.

This function is undoubtedly a great benefit for stores and customers, since it facilitates the option of purchasing a product or service no need to use a credit or debit card or cash.

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WeChat is totally free and it is available for devices with the Android operating system and the iOS operating system and Windows and macOS computers.

How to create a WeChat Pay account safely

As such an account in WeChat Pay is not createdWe simply have to activate the link between our credit or debit card to the WeChat account already created, and that is how the app’s payment method would already be fully validated, and we can use it comfortably.

Set up payment in WeChat with my credit and debit card

In order to add money to the WeChat account with a credit or debit card, it is necessary that previously the ‘WeChat wallet’ option is activatedWe must also have an active WeChat account, our passport, a Chinese bank account with a card and a phone that connects to it.

Currently the WeChat payments and transfers feature only available in china, since the data such as bank account and telephone number, must originate from there.

If we want to add money to our WeChat we must go to the WeChat application previously installed on our mobile device, enter our profile at the bottom of the screen, select the wallet option and here we can add the credit or debit card (s) to our account.

A plus to know if the WeChat Pay function is already active is confirming through the phone number that we have previously registered with the cards. Having registered the credit or debit cards and the phone number, the WeChat wallet will automatically start working.

Once the activation process is done you can go to your profile, then press ‘WeChat Pay’, then press ‘wallet’ and finally the ‘balance’ or ‘balance’ section. Here you can view your current balance.

To recharge, just click on ‘recharge’ and the credit or debit card will appear at the top from which you are going to transfer the money to your WeChat account, here you can also change the card to deduct the money from the account you want.

After this, you will have to select the amount of money you want to reload to your WeChat and immediately the system will require you to enter the password you had designated for the payments function and that’s it.

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How to send and receive money from my WeChat account

The biggest advantage of this app is that we can receive and send money quickly and efficiently:

  • The first thing we must do in order to send the money is add to our friends list to the person with whom we wish to perform this great function.
  • Next, we open the chat with the chosen user, and we are located in the lower part on the right, we press the ‘+’ sign.
  • We select the option ‘transfer’, and we put the amount of money that we are going to send, we select the ‘source’, and we enter our payment password, and we select ‘send’.
  • To accept the money that has been sent to us, or receive it, a pop-up will appear in the chat of the person who made it, we must press on the ‘accept’ and immediately the transfer will be received.

How to pay with WeChat?

exist different ways to pay with the WeChat appAlthough they are all extremely easy to use and payments are effective on the spot. We can use the method of scanning a QR code provided by the store where we are going to make the purchase.

It can also be a barcode instead of a QR codeThese are usually located in a visible place in the store, such as on the counter or on a wall so that all customers have access to scan it when they go to make a payment.

This payment method can also be done in reverse. At the time a WeChat user activates WeChat Pay, a QR code is automatically generated which fulfills the function of making payments.

Many stores They have a scanner with which they charge the customer just by scanning the WeChat Pay QR code that it provides.

What are the requirements to fund my WeChat account?

  • Mainly we must have our account active in WeChat we must also have a passport.
  • The same way, a Chinese bank card.
  • And finally, a mobile device that is linked to our bank card.

What cards does WeChat accept?

  • WeChat accepts as payment method a variety of cards What:
  • Credit and debit card.
  • Also Mastercard.
  • Likewise American Express.
  • And Discover Global Network.

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