How to Add More Memory to iPhone 5S

We all know that one of the best smartphone manufacturers is Apple and its Iphone 5s they do not give us the possibility of adding extra storage officially (we have versions that range from 16 GB to 64 GB with a difference of 200 euros between both).

Now, these capabilities could fall short for many when it comes to saving videos, photos, music, applications, etc. and it would be nice to have some extra memory with 16 or 32 GB in which to take all kinds of content anywhere. That memory exists and in addition to adding space it also allows us to increase the autonomy of the phone.

Mophie has developed a case with battery and integrated storage for the iPhone 5S under the name of Space Pack and with a cost of $150 for the 16GB case and $180 for the 32GB case. It’s a slim and unobtrusive case but it will add quite a bit of volume to the iPhone 5S (also compatible with the iPhone 5).

But in addition to all that, the Mophie Space application will allow you to organize and navigate more easily through all the files that may be stored on the phone and even protect them with a password. If you are interested, you will have to wait a bit and reserve the Space Pack on the Mophie website (its distribution will start in March 2014). If it is not enough, you can always expand your memory with an online storage service such as Dropbox, GDrive, Bitcasa, SkyDrive, etc.

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