How to Add More Than One Signature Line to a Word Document Easily? (Example)

Add more than one signature line in Word it can be very useful in the documents that require this element. However, sometimes it can seem difficult to have more than one space for this.

If so, surely it is because you have been doing it in the most complicated way, when, in fact, there are more direct and easier procedures.

Steps to add more than one signature line in Word with the program tool

This program that you can acquire from the web, has its own function to insert a predetermined signature line. To do this, you must direct your cursor towards the upper belt and press the «Insert» tab.

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Now, in the «Text» section, which is usually located on the right side, you will see an icon with a sheet and a pencil. the same is used to «Add a signature line» in Word and pressing it will open a settings window.

Consequently, you must fill in the spaces with the «Suggested Signatory» or name of the same and the position or position of the same. You can also choose other aspects to display and then select «OK» to create the item.

You will see how the signature line appears in your document. But, in order to add more than one, you must repeat the process as many times as you need.

option to sign word

However, this technique of having more than one signature line in Word makes it difficult to place them side by side. Being more compatible for those who need to place them in columns.

Multiple signature lines from one box

An easy way to add more than one signature line in Word in an orderly way and together is through a table. Thus, all the fields will maintain a format and you can configure it according to your wishes. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

Insert the table

Go to the «Insert» tab located on the upper belt and click on the «Table» option, where you must choose the number of spaces to use. In this case, to add 4 signatures, you will need a 3×2 table, that is, 3 horizontal and 2 vertical spaces.

Create the signature lines

Now, in one of the created fields you must place three underscores «_» and press «Enter» to create the signature line. Then, below it, proceed to write the name of the signer and, if you wish, their position.

You must repeat this process in the three remaining external fields, the two internal spaces have to be left blank, as they will work as separators.

Set the table properties

For this step, you must select the first column of your table and right click on it, then click on the «Table Properties» option. Go to the «Column» tab and proceed to set the width for it, about 6 cm would be enough.

word document table properties

Then press «Next column». In this case, since it is the intermediate space, only you must place 2 or 3 cm before giving again in «Next column”. The last element must have the same width as the first, then click «OK».

Center the signatures

Select the entire table and proceed to center it, you can do it from the «Home» tab and clicking the icon in the «Paragraph» section that says «Center». You can also do this by taking advantage of the best keyboard shortcuts for Word, in this case, by pressing “Ctrl + T”.

Make sure the text inside your table is also aligned and centered, the same way you did with the entire element.

Set up the rows

Shade your table and press the right button of your mouse to access the «Table Properties» again, where you will change the height of the Rows. Open the tab «Row», now, «Specify height» in about 3 cm and click «OK».

The lineup

Reopen the «Table Properties» and choose the «Cell» section, where you must opt ​​for the «Vertical alignment» that says «Bottom».

Eliminate the edges

Lastly, you need to select the entire item and hide the table borders in Word. Choose the «Start» tab, click on the «Borders» option located in the «Paragraph» section and opt for «No border».

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