How to Add Motion Texts, Normal Overlays and 3D to Videos with Shotcut (Example)

Adding texts to videos are one of the most common types of edits when making post-recording modifications, and they are really very useful depending on the type of content. But in this article we will not only mention how to add texts to videos, but also with movement, normal overlays and in 3D.

Shotcut for its part, is one of the free programs operated through Windows that offers this option among its tools; which can be improved according to the taste of each user. Program rated among the best for making and editing videos with photos and music.

Regardless of whether it is professional content, or made for entertainment purposes, adding texts to videos is more common than it seems.

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This is because they are a characteristic that allows quick reading and understanding of the one who visualizes the reproduction, thus increasing the enjoyment of it.

In the event that you have this program in your library, and you want to add this aspect at some point in the timeline, through this article you will learn how to achieve it.

How can you add texts to videos by editing from Shotcut?

The texts are considered as the simplest editions that can be inserted during the reproduction of a video; but the difficulty varies if you want to add effects.

For insert a simple text, Shotcut deserves the loading of the multimedia content; in order to achieve the design in the most efficient way possible.

Once the video has been imported; editing can be started when the «Timeline» located at the bottom left of the screen.

add texts to videos by editing from Shotcut

Within this line, you must drag image from imported video to be able to select based on time, where the message will be inserted.

Since today we will talk about how to add texts to videos through Shotcut, you should know that the option is available within the «Filters» tab.

When expanding the menu, you will be able to locate the option in the final part of the list with the name of «Text»; where it will only be enough to write the content so that it is automatically inserted to image of the video.

Edits that can be added to the text once it has been inserted

The main modification that can be made to a text is available once the option of «Text». With this we refer to the font settings, font color, size, arrangement in the image, among others.

However, Shotcut is characterized by don’t limit your designs to such basic editions; so its users have discovered new ways to improve the appearance of these texts that are added to their videos.

Normal overlapping texts

As the name implies, add texts to videos in a way «Normal overlay» refers to the simple insertion of characters on the video.

To avoid simplicity, you can play with the color settings, font style or letter arrangement, in order to give the result a more personal touch.

Texts with movement

Although there is no option that executes this action directly, the texts have the possibility of add transitions and animations to them.

By selecting those that are to your liking, you can combine them at your convenience to create the movement effect you want to give the text.

Texts with movement

3D texts

Like normal text overlays and GIFs with 3D animated texts, this one has an option within the Shotcut filter menu, which makes it easier for users to design. integrate it into the image.

Once it is selected, a settings menu is displayed in the left column of the screen that allows selecting aspects such as colors; the typeface, the third-dimensional effect, among others.

One of the biggest benefits of Shotcut it is that as a program it greatly facilitates the editing of imported videos; because through its simple interface it tries to grant them the best experience and result to its users.

Now you know how to add moving texts, normal overlays and 3D to videos. Which is very useful for those who want to reach a larger audience.

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