How to Add Multiple Stops and Frequent Destinations on DiDi Passenger to Favorites

how to add multiple stops and frequent destinations on didi passenger to favorites

Technology has revolutionized many things that are part of people's daily lives. Transport has not been alien to this process of evolution and transformation.

DiDi, without a doubt, has been one of those responsible for this. Today you will know how to add multiple stops and frequent destinations in DiDi passengers in favorites.

This application is part of the large number of platforms that the transport service offers. However, DiDi has been special, both because of the cheapness of its fees and the security of its service.

DiDi: Emergence, evolution and consolidation

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DiDi is a Chinese company that has been dedicated since 2012 to provide services in the transportation sector. Although in appearance, their services went unnoticed, the truth is that their quality was very high. The importance of the company grew, in such a way that the owner of DiDi did not hesitate to expand.

didi transport application

Negotiations have been a key part of it… And how he has overcome adversity! In 2015 they received an investment from Apple of one billion dollars. While major companies such as Huawei and Lenovo use DiDi units to transport their employees.

Evolution of services

Maintaining strong partnerships with app developers was one of the best things they were able to do at DiDi. The company launched its own application, DiDi Bus, which allowed to know the bus routes.

It did not take long for him to be a strong opponent for companies like Uber. The launch of DiDi Express was a resounding success as a taxi service. In a couple of years, DiDi tripled the number of trips Uber made. In addition, it had more than a million drivers.

Its main strength had to do with rates. DiDi rides are spectacularly inexpensive… What will your trick be? Wherever DiDi is located, you can be sure that its rates are 10-20% lower than the rest. As time passed, DiDi announced the launch of other services, such as:

  • DiDi Economy has special hours so that you can enjoy their services at a lower cost.
  • DiDi Delivery makes the shipments you need. Whether you want to send or receive packages, DiDi brings it to the site!
  • DiDi Protect has special hygiene measures. This is an extremely important service after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • DiDi Food makes your cravings come true. Hamburger? Pizza? Sushi? Whatever you want, you can order it through the application.

Each of these services was initially launched in China. Nevertheless, its operation has been enabled in other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia and Japan.

Multiple stops, a useful DiDi Passenger option

As you can appreciate, DiDi is an extremely useful application and service. Its services are very varied and quality is guaranteed. However, when it comes to hailing a DiDi cab, some questions do arise. Among the most frequent is how to add multiple frequent stops and destinations in DiDi.

How to do it?

Here you will have a simple but very important guide so that you can add multiple stops and frequent destinations in DiDi.

Before we begin, it is important to note that DiDi only allows you to add two stops. So analyze very well what you want them to be and make sure not to take too long so that the charge is not high.

  1. Click on the bar "Where we go?"
  2. Now, right next to the bar, a plus sign (+) will appear. Click on that sign once or twice, depending on the stops you want to make.
  3. Enter the addresses of the stops and finally, the address of your final destination.
  4. Click on the "Confirm" button.

add multiple stops

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Everything ready for your trip!

In this incredibly simple way, you've already been able to add multiple frequent stops and destinations in DiDi. Remember! Don't take too long, since, surely, there are other users waiting. Also, like this you will avoid that the collection rate is very high. Enjoy DiDi's services! If you have problems, don't hesitate to contact DiDi customer support.


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