How to Add my Diploma Certifications to my LinkedIn Profile – Quick and Easy

LinkedIn is a social network intended for businesses, companies or people who are looking to employ someone or, on the other hand, Being Employed.

The method used to obtain information is with the use of personal files as if it were a Curriculum Vitae, where each person must put their personal information and also their work experience if they have, it is used above all in professional relationships and / or commercial, here you will find companies that are looking for new talents and expanding.

LinkedIn was founded in 2002. In these times, it belongs to the Microsoft company which maintains it as the largest professional network in the world, where you can find more than 50 million active users in up to 200 countries throughout the world. world. At work level, it is undoubtedly one of the most important applications in the world.

Add certificates to your LinkedIn profile easily

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One of the best ways to verify that you do have academic or any other experience is with the obtaining and displaying a certificate. Next we will go over a short guide on how to update your profile with your certificates, as well as delete any other.

Step by step to add certificates

  1. As a first step, you must have your account open. Verify that you have not created one before. Proceed to click on your profile icon at the top of the home and View Profile.
  2. Proceed to find the section of licenses and certifications; then click Add. This if you have certificates in your profile before adding a new one.

physical curriculum vitae

If you have never had a certificate in your LinkedIn profile, you should add the so-called section of Licenses and certificates. To do this, click on Add new section (on your profile page), on your business card. Enter the Path list, and proceed to the Add button where it says Licenses and certifications.

Add your certificate information. Then make sure to do click save and you’re all set. To delete certificates, go to the Licenses and Certifications section, click the edit button next to the certificate that you don’t want to be there, then hit delete.

Advantages of having a profile on LinkedIn

Create your profile in two different ways; either as a person or company. In this second case, you can obtain a series of benefits such as:

  • Increased visibility
  • New contacts
  • Traffic in your business
  • Networking with other companies
  • In general, you improve for your brand.

On a personal note, LinkedIn offers benefits beyond being used as an online resume; You can make yourself known individually and not by the company where you are working. Every time you finish or are in a project or action of the labor type, you can put it on your profile to have more interesting proposals that any company in the world can see.

Physically handing over your CV to a company greatly limits the updating of new information for each time you make a change of profession or company. Using LinkedIn you can update personal information immediately and new job findings and make them visible to everyone.

people shook hands

The more experience and work you have done and they are on your profile, the better. However, make sure that the information is concise and relevant.

How do I create my LinkedIn account?

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is the most extensive and quintessential professional network in the world. Day by day it experiences exponential growth, so there are many people joining this service. To create your own account, you must follow these simple steps. It is important that you do not have a blocked LinkedIn account.

Sign up for LinkedIn

Follow the steps below to be able to create your own personal account on this digital work platform without any inconvenience:

  1. You will first need to go to the LinkedIn login page. If you are on a mobile device, go to download the application.
  2. Next step, you will have to write your personal data: name, surname, your email and also register a secure and easy-to-remember password because you are going to use it. It is important that you use your real name and not pseudonyms in this application.
  3. Press the option that says «Join now«At this point you will have your account created, you will only have to complete another series of steps and voila!

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