How to Add Numbers to the Slides of a PowerPoint Presentation? (Example)

PowerPoint has long been the best program for creating presentations. This is because it has the best tools and interface in the industry right now. That is why it is so important to have information about it. With that in mind Today you will learn how to add numbers to the slides of a presentation of PowerPoint.

The title may sound silly, but in reality it is not at all. The one who needs make professional presentations For a job, you know how relevant it is to have many functions at your disposal (such as the one that allows you to add an HTML object, or the one that allows you to add or insert a footnote), because this shows professionalism and dedication.

How to add numbers to the slides of a PowerPoint presentation?

You should know before you start, that add numbers to slides in a presentation Powerpoint too easy And it won’t take you any time Since the program brings this function within itself and you do not have to download anything extra.

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The first thing you must do to achieve this is open your presentation and go to the tab that is named «Watch«(Which is in the presentation views group), there click on»Normal”.

Then in the part where the slide thumbnails are (left of the screen), select the first thumbnail view.

Then go to the tab «Insert”, And choose the option called «Header and footer«, With that you will jump a dialog box where you must go to the section»Slide”And within it click on «Slide number».

orange powerpoint bubble

In case you want to add a number to all the slides at once, click on «Apply to allAnd voila, this will confirm the changes.

Change the starting slide number

With the above you already know how to add numbers to the slides of a PowerPoint presentation, but you should know that this program is so good, that you can be much more specific when choosing the numbers in the presentation.

For example, you can also select from which slides you want the numbering to start, if you don’t want it to be the first one. For this you must go to the «Design» tab.

Once there choose the option «Slide size» and culminate by selecting «Custom slide size». In this section open a drop-down that is called «Number slides from», in it you must place the starting number.

Number all slides except the first or just one

Also, PowerPoint allows you to list all the slides except the first or the opposite. If you want to do it you must go to «Insert» and then to «Header and footer».

Here, you can do both. To be able to list all but one, you have to go to the tab «Slide«And check two boxes:»Slide number « and «Do not show on title slide ”, then hit «Apply to all.»

In the event that you want to list the first or only one slide (any), you must stop and click on it, and then follow the previous steps, when it is in the corresponding section select the box «Slide number» and to finalize the button «Apply”.

powerpoint logo with white background

And voila, with that you know everything about how to add numbers to slides in a PowerPoint presentation, now you just have to go to your program and start the action.

Remember that the more effort you put into something, the better it will turn out. So even if you are not a professional or your work is not so relevant, it is always good that you use this trick or others. Since PowerPoint allows its users to access features that can customize a slide to the maximum, such as the one that allows you to create a pop-up or pop-up window and the one that lets you drag and insert images from the internet, which together will make your presentation stand out. .

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