How to Add or Change my Bank Account in DIDI step by step

Mobile apps have made a lot easier for U.S, things that we did not even imagine could be made much easier.

This is what the mobile device has brought into our lives, since it is not just a way to communicate in different ways with other people, but also a tool that can be used in incredible ways thanks to its applications.

Whenever a developer thinks of an innovative way to perform an activity, it is almost certain that one will be created. app for it. Also, just thinking about it, we can be greatly surprised: you can create an application on anything at any time.

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And, if you don’t believe it, you can just take a walk in the App Store or in the Play Store and you will be able to find all kinds of applications that you would you imagine that would exist. And, hand in hand with these applications, there are often all kinds of services by companies that use an application as a catalyst for orders, a perfect example of this being transport applications, such as DiDi, and surely you are wondering how this platform works.

Since they came on the market, the applications of food transport to home or transportation of people they have been a great success.

Through these one can forget about the annoying procedures that existed before having to be alert to a food delivery service through a specific restaurant or go to a taxi agency to be able to request a service as soon as possible. That is why many people do not know whether to decide on Uber or DiDi.

DiDi has been quite effective in this regard, since through their transport services they have been able to make a good name in this area. Therefore, if you have DiDi, it is good to know how you are paying for it and when you will need to pay for the service, and for this we present the following tutorial on your bank account and DiDi.

driver didi

Your payment method within DiDi

The way you pay for a service like DiDi is always important to both you and the company, as it will completely change the way you do your transactions. For example, if you want to pay by cash, you always have to have the money in hand and count that it is complete at all times for the trip, including a little extra if necessary.

This is why many recommend that they be used bank accounts to be able to make the payments of the trips that are made in DiDi.

didi mobile screen

Changing your payment method in DiDi

As we told you before, the way you pay for your trips in DiDi is important, since it saves you a lot of difficulties when it comes to pay for a trip.

That is why it is important that you know how you can add a payment method or how to change it, so below we are going to show you how you can carry out this entire process and add one of the most comfortable methods to handle: the bank account. .

Add the bank account to your method payment in DiDi It is quite simple and convenient, since all you have to do is open the mobile application and once there enter the option of «My wallet”.

On the screen you will see several options, but among the options that are presented to you, you will see the section of «Withdrawal method«, And below this the sentence of»Default withdrawal method”.

Enter that option, and with the fields that appear, select the bank account and fill in the blank fields to be able to add the bank account or change it. Remember that at the end you will be told that verify your data with a text message.

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