How to Add or Change the Payment Method in the DIDI Food App – Find out here

Through the following guide you will learn about Didi Food’s payment methods and also how to add or change the payment method in the DIDI Food App, know this useful information here.

The forms of payment that are present in Didi

Like any international company, Didi has always sought to adapt to the countries in which it operates. Understanding this, there are different ways to pay careers or services provided, which also includes the acclaimed Didi Food, a service with which you can order food at your home.

In the case of Didi Food, we have two common payments, the credit card payment or cash payment, plus Didi Cash. Next, we will talk about each of them.

Cash Didi Food

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As with other services provided by the Didi platform, you can use the cash payment method. In other words, you can pay in physical money without having to resort to a credit or debit card.

Still, keep in mind that the Didi Food cash payment may vary from nation to nation, as some countries have certain regulations regarding this. For this reason, if you have never used this method, it is recommended that you contact Didi customer service in case you have concerns regarding cash payments.

change payment methods didi food

Similarly, the cash payment system also takes into account the discount coupons that users can have. Therefore, if you went through the Didi Food registration process and you are a worker, you should take this into account, since sometimes customers can make use of discounts.

Credit card at Didi Food

As expected with this type of service, Didi Food accepts card payments. Fortunately, you can pay for Didi Food deliveries with both your credit card as with debit cards.

When it comes to this payment method, there are usually no limitations, being the most direct and easiest way to pay at Didi Food. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your credit or debit card has sufficient funds to make the payment.

As for the cards accepted by Didi, the company indicates that they accept the most common credit cards. Among which stand out American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Even so, there is a possibility that DIDI will not accept your credit card, but this is not common.

Didi cash

We finally found Didi Cash, with this service you can top up your account by Didi. These recharges can be done with both credit cards and cash and is another of the payment methods that we have on the platform.

add payment method didi food

Keep in mind that regardless of the method you can always request an invoice in DiDi if you require it.

Change the payment method in the DIDI Food App

Change the payment method in Didi Food is very simple, just go to the top above the «Confirm» button. Here you will find the active payment method, to change it just click on it and select the one that is most convenient for you.

Even so, as we pointed out before, there are limitations when it comes to payments with cash, which is why you may not see it as a payment option after confirming the payment of the service provided.

Another way is by entering your profile by clicking on your photo in the Didi application. Once here go to the section «My wallet». You will find the Didi Cash option, which represents a mode in which you can add balance to your Didi account. There is also the coupons option and finally «Payment methods».

The credit card and cash option will be shown as indicated before. By pressing on credit card you will find the section for add a card. Even so, as we pointed out before, these options are changed at the time of making the payments.

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