How to Add or Change the Phone Icon in WordPress for one of WhatsApp with Link to Chat (Example)

With the passage of time or the WhatsApp application became very popular as an instant messaging service, in fact to this day it has no competition. For this reason it is a very good idea to integrate it into WordPress, today we will tell you how to add or change the phone icon in Wordpress for one of WhatsApp with a link to the chat.

In the past, the phone icon used to be added within WordPress, but this is long gone, as most people communicate through WhatsApp. Putting the icon of this popular messaging application is very useful for our websites.

WordPress is the platform to create our most important websites today, so learning this and other functions such as How to create a contact form for WordPress for free – Tutorial can also be very convenient. Without further ado, read our article to learn how to integrate WhatsApp into WordPress.

How to add or change the phone icon in WordPress for one of WhatsApp with a link to the chat

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Handle WordPress It requires effort and dedication, it is not a complicated platform but it is necessary to bear in mind that you have many options. In most cases it is good to follow a guide or tutorial, to apply a new option on your website.

phone icon for one of WhatsApp with link to chat

In this case we want to put a WhatsApp button within WordPress, the truth is that there are several ways to do this procedure. Today we will try to show you the easiest way to put a button that redirects to a WhatsApp contact chat.

Tutorial to add WhatsApp button to WordPress

  1. This process is quite simple, in fact today we will only use the help of a website designed precisely for this purpose.
  2. Said website is Whatschat.
  3. Visit the website provided above and click on Get WhatsApp Button.
  4. Once you click on the previous option, you must indicate the phone number you want to put on your page, in turn you must also provide your email.
  5. Write this information correctly and click on Get Button Code. When you press click, a code will appear on the screen, save this code as it appears.

Adding a new plugin

  1. It is time to add a new plugin, for this go to the plugin section located in the configuration of your website. The plugins screen will appear, you must go to the search section to add the new plugin.
  2. There write the following Insert Headers and Footers, once it appears on the screen, press the option Install Now. When the installation is finished, press the button Activate.
  3. Now you must go to the settings option and locate Insert Headers and Footers.
  4. Two spaces for text will appear on the plugin screen, go to the second one named Scripts In Footer and paste the WhatsApp code that you got earlier. Press on Save.

After the previous process, you will already have at your disposal a button with a link to the WhatsApp chat that you provide, so that your website visitors can communicate with you.

a new plugin

Why should you have a WhatsApp button in WordPress?

Today WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging leader in the world, which is why giving direct access to a WhatsApp chat in WordPress opens a direct communication door. This can be very convenient for websites, especially those that require constant feedback.

Through the previous tutorial, you expand the possibility that your users, clients or visitors of your website have to communicate with you. This option is especially useful if you have a dedicated page to the sale of products, but it is valid for practically any site today.

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