How to Add or Edit Streets From the Google Maps App?

As we know, the Google Maps app is one of the most used by users of Android who have difficulty remembering directions. This app has definitely bailed out more than one user to reach their destination.

However, we can find some errors in this app regarding the information or location from the streets or places of interest. As strange as it may seem, there are usually certain destinations on Google Maps that are not located in their real location, which can cause confusion when using this app as a travel guide.

So with the new updates, Google gives us the option to modify certain elements of Google Maps to solve these errors. That is why we will explain later how to add or edit the streets from the Google Maps app.

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Now, regarding this app, it is important to note that it has many tools that we must know in order to get the most out of it.

For example, we can activate and use augmented reality when browsing Google Maps to improve our experience when traveling. In this way you will be able to locate yourself much better in exact places that you have not visited before.

It even has an option so that we can avoid tolls on road routes, which is very useful, since it can help us save time and money when traveling.

How to edit the map from the Google Maps app?

Thanks to the new update of the Google Maps app, we have the possibility of correct errors regarding directions, streets or roads. Since several users have reported that there are some roads with the opposite direction or badly located. Before starting, you must update Google Maps to its latest version on your Android or iPhone device to have access to this option.

In general, when we see a badly located place of interest or a street whose name does not correspond, we simply have to press the option «Edit map«However this may vary depending on the map element you want to edit.

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In addition, we remind you that these changes not reflected immediately in the app. Since Google’s supervisors have to make sure that your suggestion to change something is valid.

That is to say that Google first has to verify that the error exists and that your modifications are according to the site. In the event that this is not the case, then the changes will not be accepted.

Later in this new section we will talk to you in great detail about how you can add or edit the streets from the Google Maps app.

Learn to edit streets and roads in Google Maps

In the case that you have found streets and highways that simply do not correspond to the site, since they have some type of error; then the first thing you should do is click on the street or road you want to edit.

Subsequently, what you should do is select the type of problem that the street or road that you want to edit has. In addition, you also have to write your observations so that the Google team can take care of this possible error.

This is how the employees of Google They work together with the users of this app to be able to perfect the details of this application worldwide. Even,


Edit sites

Now when we refer to the places of interest of a city these may also have some kind of bug. Be it a church, museum, garden or store that has an error in terms of the information shown in the app. For example, you can edit the name, postal address, telephone number, work hours, your URL address of the official page, among others.

For this what you must do select the site of interest you have the error and then hit the «Suggest a change» option. This option is usually located at the bottom of the technical sheet of the site of interest.

Add sites

Apart from suggesting changes to certain access roads and points of interest, it is also possible to add new sites from the Google Maps app. So, if you consider that a historical site is missing from the map, you just have to select the option «Post comments«and then click on the option» Add a site «.

You can also directly select the map and right on the marker tab, select the option that says «Add a site«Then you will have to fill in the fields with the information of the place you want to add to the map. Then you must wait for the Google team to confirm this action so that the added site appears on the map.

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