How to Add or Insert YouTube Video to WordPress Widget – Quick and Easy

Nowadays, there can be multiple reasons why you want add a video player manageable wordpress for your users.

Whether for a tutorial, a news item, an interview, or anything else that requires an audiovisual explanation, having a video posted on your website can be extremely useful repeatedly.

In case you are looking for how to upload a video to wordpress from my pc, you have come to the ideal place. To insert video in wordpress, it is best to upload our video to another platform and then insert it in our blog.

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The reasons why we make this recommendation, we will explain it to you in a moment, in turn, it is very important that you know what the best platforms to upload your video.

Do not wait more! Find the answers to all your questions below, today you will be able to learn everything related to uploading videos to your WordPress in an easy and fast way.

Steps to add YouTube videos to WordPress

A easy way to insert YouTube channel or video in wordpress is through the ‘Embed’. Copy the link of the video and paste it directly into the WordPress visual editor.

The editor detects that the URL is a video and inserts it. In turn, you can choose include a video that starts at a certain minute.

To do this, click on the share option, within YouTube, and mark a check where it says ‘Start in’, mark the minute, copy the link. Change the WordPress visual mode to text mode and paste the URL.

Another simpler way, It consists of pressing the option ‘Widgets’ in the left bar of the editor, then, click where it says ‘add a widget’ and in the menu that appears, select the option to search at the top.

add a youtube video to wordpress computer

Enter the word ‘video’ and a menu will appear on the left to place the title and the option ‘add video’ there you can upload one directly from your PC or through a link.

Reasons to use YouTube as video storage for your website

As we just told you, you can choose to insert mp4 video in wordpress directly from your PC, or, upload it to another platform such as YouTube and then insert it in your blog.

Now, as you should know, there are other hosts of videos perhaps a little less popular or used than YouTube, such as Vimeo or DailyMotion.

Similarly, there are other platforms such as Bitchute or Brighteon that have become more popular with the censorship and new terms of YouTube and so on.

Like it or not YouTube is the leader indisputable as far as video transmission is concerned, it has more than two billion users, which represents approximately one third of active users on the internet.

That is why the use of YouTube to host your videos for your blog or WordPress page, is the most appropriate because they may have a greater reach.

It is also important to note that the YouTube player, you have several options that generate a comfortable viewing of the video for users.

Plugins to insert videos in WordPress

In addition to the above, hosting your video on a platform such as YouTube is ideal for do not recharge the consumption of your page. Pasting the link of the video as we mentioned or inserting it through a plugin is the best option.

Let’s start with ‘YouTube Embed’, this plugin specific for YouTube videos, allows you to create lists of videos and show suggestions to the user based on their tastes determined by the algorithm of the platform.

On the other hand, the «Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator» is a free plugin that allows you to show a large number of videos on your website. It uses different types of players and also produces a thumbnail for each video.

add a video to youutbe with wordpress

The YotuWP is another excellent optionAlthough it has a paid version, you can enjoy a large number of free functions such as creating playlists and distributing videos in the form of a grid.

Finally we show you what we consider the best plugin to insert videos in wordpress, in addition to YouTube, it offers the publishing videos from other platforms like TED, Twitch and many more.

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