How to Add or Pin Steam Games to Windows 10 Start Menu? – Step by Step (Example)

Steam is a platform to buy and play video games, have information and support for them. The Steam desktop app has a library where you can locate all the games purchased. However, it becomes tedious to open the application every time you want to play. Know how you can add or pin Steam games to the Windows 10 start menu.

If you want to do it from another operating system like Ubuntu, you must install Linux and Windows 10 on the same computer, just to fulfill a personal wish.

Thanks to a large number of games in its store and the quality of the different services it offers, Steam has positioned itself as the best platform to acquire games. Its user community is extensive around the world, generating valuable feedback and support.

Problem running a game from Steam

To run a game that was purchased under the Steam platform, you have to open your desktop app. This application first searches for updates to it and, if there are any, it is performed prior to running the program. This translates into a waiting time that can vary depending on the internet connection and the quality of the computer.

After Steam is running, the game must be searched in the library, which does not have a comfortable size and arrangement to find what you are looking for. In addition, Steam in its desktop version is a program that consumes valuable resources. Because of this if the computer is not powerful, This can cause lag in the game and affect your performance.

Many users have looked for a solution to this. However, to avoid having to run Steam and search for the game, the most recommended is to add or pin Steam games in the start menu of Windows 10.

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Steps to Add or Pin Steam Games to Windows 10 Start Menu

For add or pin Steam games to the start menu of Windows 10 the first thing that is needed is to install an application called Steam Tile. This is because Steam does not offer that feature. Steam Tile is an app that offers this service and is found for free in the Windows 10 application store. Once installed, it is executed.

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This app cannot take the data from the Steam account due to its limitations, so the data will be safe at all times. The program works by collecting data from the public profile, so this function must be activated in the Steam settings.

To place the public profile, click on the username in the Steam desktop app. Then enter the option that says “Profile”. This will open a window where you will find all the information of the account profile. There is an option that says “Modify profile” it must be entered there.

You will find a tab that says “My privacy settingsClicking on it will bring up an option to place the public profile. After that, the profile should be searched for the “Custom url”And copy it.

To end

Now you should know how to proceed to run the Steam Tile application and place the previously copied URL in the indicated bar in the application.

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After a moment of loading, the Steam Tile will display all the titles in the Steam library. It should be noted that the installed, not installed, expansions of games and DLC, because Steam counts these as standalone apps.

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Now you just have to choose the games you want to include to add or anchor Steam games in the Windows 10 start menu. After this you can proceed to close the Steam Tile application and enjoy its function. It is essential that the profile of the Steam account is in public mode, since without this the Steam Tile application will not work.

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