How to Add or Remove Delivery Addresses in Uber Eats – Quick and Easy

One of the most popular platforms in recent times and with which hundreds of users in the world feel identified is Uber Eats. The mobile application specializes in the delivery, purchase and sale of various food services, which are brought to the home of each Username quickly and simply, without losing the magic of eating as if you were in the place. It should be noted that you can also be a delivery person at Uber Eats and work within this platform.

Within the application, all users have the possibility of obtaining various options and services, which is why the product catalog that it offers is very varied.

They have based their functioning in the understanding, speed and good customer service, which is why users are always urged to be sure with their delivery addresses in order to eliminate in their entirety, errors due to misspelled or misspelled addresses.

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Within this post, we want to help you learn how to add or remove delivery addresses in Uber Eats, all with quick and easy steps.

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Changing the delivery address within Uber Eats

One of the most common mistakes among users is the fact that the addresses in which the food will be sent, for these cases there is a fairly simple solution, which are also simple and easy to carry out, as long as you are registered on the platform.

The simplest methods with which you can change the way in which your food will be delivered to you, are the following:

Changing the address temporarily

  • To begin you must locate yourself within the Uber Eats application, and once within it, you must begin by entering the address option, which you can find simply in the upper center of your screen.
  • Once you are in said option, enter the section of «Delivery details«, In which you must write the new address to which you want your order to be delivered.
  • After that, you must press «accept» in order to successfully register the new address where your food will be delivered.

Add a fixed address within Uber Eats

  • To begin you must enter into the main screen, in order to enter the section of «Accounts”.
  • Once inside, you must enter the tab «Setting«, In that section you will see an option that says»Saved locations«There you must enter the» Home «icon so that once inside it, you can add an address that corresponds to that place where you reside.
  • Both previous methods will be useful when adding the information with which the delivery man you can get to the place of delivery. A tip that is given to all users is that when placing the address, do not trust the GPS and do everything possible to enter an address manually, to ensure that there are no errors.

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3 reasons to use Uber Eats

You can place orders from any: When it comes to food, the main thing is always to have a quality service, that you manage our request promptly and that also ensure that our food arrive optimally.

This is the case of Uber Eats, the company that has made every effort to offer its public a quality service, which focuses on service excellence.

When placing your orders, they give you all the necessary information: The exploration of the page is simple, since it has simple and well-structured designs, so it will not be a problem to adapt to your Interface.

Once you have placed the order, you will be provided with all the necessary tools to know how to get your order, when, and who is in charge of doing it.

Use of urgent notifications: UberEats has a wonderful application called “push notification”Which sends different alerts to its users, notifying them about different things of interest with the order, delivery, current offers, etc.

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