How to Add or Set a Transparent Background to an Image with Gimp

Computer programs have greatly helped us to perform tasks that previously seemed difficult quickly and easily. These programs are created to perform specific tasks.

Such is the case of graphics editingPreviously, doing image editing work was a very complex job that not just anyone could do. But today, thanks to technological expansion and access to information, tools have been created within everyone’s reach.

Nowadays, it is very easy to take a picture and make any type of retouching or alteration that we want Without much effort. Thanks to the fact that we can download many specialized programs from the internet, which are helpful to carry out these works.

What is the Gimp program and what is it for?

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Between the graphics editing programs most used we find Gimp. This is positioned among the best, due to its great versatility when doing editing work. Gimp is basically a bitmap editing program.

It offers a wide variety of tools, very useful to carry out any retouching in our images. The popularity of this program is thanks to its constant development and innovation.

Every so often it launches new updates to its interface, becoming better and better and adapting to the needs of common users. Since its launch in 1995, it has proven to be an efficient program capable of performing any type of editing.

One of the fundamental characteristics of this program is the ability to put a transparent background to any image that we want. This creates a very striking visual effect, best of all, it is very easy to do.

In this article, we will learn in a very simple way, the steps we must follow to add a transparent background to an image with the Gimp program. But first we will know what is the easiest way to download Gimp.

Steps to download the Gimp program

If we want to download this great editing program, we have to do it from its official website. To do this, we will use our trusted browser and through the search bar we will locate the official site.

Download Gimp

In this way, we will enter the official Gimp page, now we go down a bit and we select the appropriate version according to our operating system. Immediately, the download process will begin, we can download it for the operating system we have. It will automatically begin to download, the next step will be to carry out the corresponding installation of the program.

Steps to put a transparent background to an image with Gimp

Having already downloaded the program, we will proceed with the steps to place a transparent background on an image. The first step we must do is open the program Gimp.

We hope it opens, now we must upload image from which we want to remove the background, we select the option «File» located at the top left of the screen. A list of options will be displayed, where we must choose the option «To open».

We will get a screen with all the files that we have on our computer, we look for the image file that we want to edit, we select it and we click «Open». The next step will be remove the background, for this we select the option «Cap», located at the top.

Then we select the option «Transparency» and then the first option «Add alpha channel». On the right side of the screen we can see a series of icons, these represent specific tools, we must select the «Magic wand».

Seamless background in Gimp

In this way, we go to our image and select the background of the image, the contour of the figure will automatically be marked. Now, we go to the options at the top and select «Edit» and later «Cut».

Finally, we must save the fileTo do this we select «File», then we mark the «Export» option as and change the file extension from png to gif. We click on «Export» and Done.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Have you been able to add or set a transparent background to an image using Gimp? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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