How to Add Pop-Up Floating Facebook Like Box on WIX? (Example)

Plugins are tools that bring many benefits and utilities to web pages. Add a pop-up floating Facebook like box to WIX provides users with the ability to like your Facebook page directly from the website.

Having the ability to add one of these plugins will help give your Facebook page more visibility, which will lead to a larger audience. This would have as a consequence an increase in the sales of your product or service as well as more recognition in Internet to your virtual store in Wix.

Benefits of Adding Pop-up Floating Facebook Like Box on Wix

There are many benefits of add a like button Facebook to your Wix page. The most outstanding is to give users the facility to follow you without having to leave your website.

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Likewise, you considerably increase your number of fans and you have the possibility of keeping them connected and updated with the publications you make on Facebook.

In addition, this pop-up is easy to configure thanks to Facebook Connect. You also have the possibility to personalize your texts so that they go better with your brand and style.

One feature that is quite appreciated is the ability to adjust the time intervals in which the pop-up appears to remind your users to follow you on Facebook.

Another great advantage is that you do not have to worry about the language as this is a multilingual tool, that is, it supports more than 80 languages.

facebook pop up page

So this won’t be an obstacle when adding a floating Facebook like box pop-up on Wix.

Add pop-up floating Facebook like box in Wix

The steps to add a floating Facebook like box to your Wix blog are actually pretty straightforward.

The first thing you should do is locate yourself in the editor of your blog, locate the section «Add» and select it. Then you must look for the social networks section in the add menu.

A list will appear with the different social networks that you can choose from. As in this case we are looking to add a floating Facebook box, it is this social network that you should choose.

Under the Facebook option you will see the icon «I like it». This can be added by dragging it anywhere in the editor.

You have two configuration options for the floating Facebook like box. These are the Mini version and the News Feed. After choosing one of the two, you must click on «Add page name» and write the name of your Facebook page.

You should always keep in mind that when a user clicks on the floating box I like Facebook from the Wix blog, this will be liking the Facebook page and not your website.

Once you finish installing the button, it is also recommended that you add an automatic chatbot to your Wix website, so that you can make your store or site more interesting and functional.

Privacy policies

It is important to emphasize that by using this plugin on your website, you are accepting that Inffuse, which is the company that develops these applications, can make use of cookies in your browser.

wix official website

Wix is ​​not responsible for the content of this plugin or the information that it collects on your web portal. If you want to know more about the subject, you should read the terms of use of Inffuse, it is also recommended that you review the legal and financial sections of this app according to your country of residence.

Facebook Like Confirmation

You should also know that Facebook has changed its policies to prevent «Fake I like it» and frauds with likes in this social network. For this reason some «I like it» they must be confirmed before they become effective.

With this you already know what it takes to add your like button, now you can go and follow all the steps to get it and improve your website. Once you finish you can also look for how to do SEO in Wix to position yourself better, and how to edit a created web page, since with that they informed and what you read today you will be unstoppable.

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